Black Bear Education Seminars Offered in New Jersey

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Black Bear Education Seminars Offered in New JerseyWith the onset of fall, black bears begin actively foraging for food to prepare for the winter denning season. The increase in activity during this time of year can bring bears closer to homes and into backyards as they search for any available food.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife offers “Know the Bear Facts” education seminars for residents to learn common-sense methods to discourage bears from entering a property, and how to react if one encounters a black bear.

“Know the Bear Facts” education seminars are free of charge and available to municipalities, schools, homeowner associations, civic and environmental organizations, and a variety of other audiences.

Program attendees learn about the history and biology of the Garden State’s largest land mammal, as well as about black bear research. The program also provides tips on how to react if a black bear is encountered near a home or when enjoying the outdoors.

Precautions that residents should take to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance near homes are also discussed.

Black bears have been sighted in all 21 of New Jersey’s counties. Therefore, it is important for residents throughout the state to know the facts about co-existing with bears.

To inquire about scheduling a bear education seminar for your group, please contact Michelle Ruggiero at 908-637-4125 or by e-mail at Michelle [dot] Ruggiero [at] dep [dot] state [dot] nj [dot] us.

For more information about black bears, visit the Bear Facts page.