Error in Idaho Waterfowl Rules Book

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Error in Idaho Waterfowl Rules BookThe single word “not” dropped out of the new 2008 waterfowl hunting rules brochure in a sentence explaining possession limits, creating an error hunters should note.

The sentence should read: A person may not have more than the possession limit, even when such birds are stored at home or being processed at a commercial preservation facility.

Federal rules on waterfowl hunting have traditionally allowed no more than a single possession limit to be kept by any person, regardless of the location of the possessed birds. This rule remains in effect.

Fish and Game regrets the error. The misprint on page 16 of the Idaho rules brochure does not, however, change the rule nor provide an excuse for violation of the waterfowl possession limit.

In addition, to clarify the youth water fowl hunt, the season on canvasback ducks is closed.