View Migrating Birds of Prey in Utah

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Raptor Watch Day happens Sep. 27

A close-up photo of a golden eagle. - Division of Wildlife Resources photoThousands of birds of prey fly through Utah’s clear, crisp skies every fall.

You can see and learn more about these migrating birds of prey during Utah’s annual Raptor Watch Day.

This year’s event will be held Sep. 27, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Orem overlook along Squaw Peak Road, east of Orem.

You can access Squaw Peak Road from the Provo Canyon Road. To reach the Provo Canyon Road, exit I-15 at Exit 275 and travel east on 800 N. in Orem.

The Division of Wildlife Resources hosts Raptor Watch Day every year. The event is free.

“The fall colors will just be starting to flirt with your eye, and the temperature at our high elevation watch site should be crisp,” says Bob Walters, Watchable Wildlife coordinator for the DWR.

“With any luck, the skies will be clear,” he says. “If the skies are clear, you’ll be treated to up-close glimpses of harriers, vultures, eagles, hawks and falcons as they continue their annual migration to the south.

Walters says experts will be on hand to help you identify passing birds of prey and to answer any questions you have about raptor migration. “Raptor Watch Day is usually one of the best times of the year to spend a few hours relaxing and watching raptors,” he says.