Youth Chukar Hunt Was a Hoot in Utah

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Five hunts held on Sep. 6

The Hoffman brothers from Orangeville show the chukar partridge they took at the Gordon Creek Wildlife Management Area. A special youth chukar hunt was held on Sep. 6 at Gordon Creek and four other WMAs in Utah. - Photo by Randall Stilson, Utah Division of Wildlife ResourcesNearly 20 youngsters enjoyed hunting chukars recently at the Gordon Creek Wildlife Management Area west of Price.

The Gordon Creek WMA was one of five sites in Utah that hosted special youth chukar hunts on Sep. 6.

Youngsters bag a few birds

The Division of Wildlife Resources stocked the Gordon Creek WMA with 150 birds just before the hunt. Even with that many chukars on the ground, the quail-sized birds proved to be pretty cagey. They ran far ahead of the shot shooters and often flushed out of range, or to one side of the shooters or the other.

Hundreds of shot shell blasts later, the youngsters had bagged only a fraction of the birds stocked on the WMA.

The important thing was that everyone had a great time and did a lot of wing shooting. Every boy and girl was able to shoot and take home one or more birds.

It’s your turn: chukar hunt opens Sep. 27

Most of the birds that eluded the youth hunters should be available on or near the Gordon Creek WMA when Utah’s general chukar hunt opens on Sep. 27. The hunt runs through Feb. 15 across Utah. The daily bag limit is five birds.

Big game hunters: grab your shotguns!

To hunt upland game, you must have a hunting license or a combination license.

“If you’re a big game hunter, you probably already have one of these two licenses,” says Brent Stettler, regional conservation outreach manager for the DWR. “If you do, you don’t need to wait until your big game hunt starts to get out and enjoy some hunting. You can grab your shotgun and start chasing chukars on Sep. 27!”