Deadline for Pennsylvania Elk Guide Permits is October 10

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Pennsylvania Bull ElkHARRISBURG – Anyone interested in applying to be an elk guide for the upcoming November elk hunt should submit a completed application to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Bureau of Wildlife Protection by Friday, Oct. 10.  Elk guide permits cost $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents.

Guides may provide assistance in locating or tracking elk, but may not harvest an elk.  Permit applications may be obtained from the Game Commission’s Harrisburg headquarters by calling 717-787-5740.

The Board of Game Commissioners created the elk guide permit to allow experienced individuals, especially those who live in the elk range or are familiar with the elk herd, to serve as guides for those who receive an elk license.  Elk guide permits are not required for those who only plan to aid a successful elk hunter to remove an elk from the field.

Pennsylvania Bull ElkSince only properly licensed hunters may take part in the hunt, and since the agency is awarding only a limited number of licenses, the guide permit will remove any legal concerns about an elk hunter taking someone along to participate in the hunt.

All elk license recipients will receive in the mail two copies of the Game Commission’s videotaped elk hunter orientation program, which the hunter must view prior to the elk hunt.    The second copy must be viewed by their guide, if the hunter chooses to use a guide. 

Those seeking elk guide permits also should consult with the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources concerning special guiding permits and requirements on state forest or state park lands.