Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting Report – 9/24/2008

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Weekly migratory bird hunting reports are posted from early September through early February.

North Zone Dove: Good hunts have been posted around Abilene and Knox City over sunflowers and milo. Amarillo has been fair to good over plowed ground and watering holes in the afternoon. Fields near Paris have been fair to good over soybeans and tanks in the afternoon. Fields north of Fort Worth have been fair around goatweed and water. Another round of north winds this week should deposit a few more northern birds across the Red River. Prospects are fair to good.

Central Zone Dove: Fair to good shoots were posted along the border dividing the Central and South zones, once shooters began banging in the South Zone. Areas around Del Rio and Uvalde saw the best action. Whitewings continue to find corn fields around San Antonio and Castroville. Good hunts have been had around Seguin and San Marcos around trees where birds have been coming to roost. Birds have been congregating along the coast under light hunting pressure. Rice and sunflowers produced good shoots near Hankamer and Winnie. Dayton, Sealy and Brookshire were best around goatweed, milo and rice. Prospects are fair to good.

South Zone Dove: The season opened with a bang in the Rio Grande Valley. Limits of whitewings were posted over wild sunflowers and milo fields. Three Rivers and George West saw good shoots around corn and milo. Plowed ground near water was best in the afternoon. Fields in El Campo were outstanding for whitewings in the afternoon on opening day. The morning flight was interrupted by a thick fog that held through mid-morning. Blessing saw fair to good shoots over rice. Bay City was fair around roosting trees in the afternoon. Northerly winds are forecast for the remainder of the week, which should push new birds to the area. Prospects are good.

Teal Hunting: The second weekend of the season was marred by a thick fog that held through mid-morning along the coast. Many coastal prairie hunters said the flight suffered because of the thick soup. Sunday was much better with clearing skies and a decent flight. Many hunters reported harvesting mostly drakes, Saturday, and more hens and greenwings Sunday, giving rise to the notion more birds moved in overnight. Several hunters reported seeing higher-flying birds Sunday, which also is a good indicator of new birds. Good hunts were posted in rice fields north if IH-10 on the east side of Houston near Nome, China and Winnie. There has been little to no hunting in the marsh near Anahuac and High Island due to the devastation of Hurricane Ike. In the North Zone, hunting has been fair at best. Teal season ends at sunset Sept. 28. Prospects are good along the coast.