11th Elk Hunt Opens in Arkansas With Two Bulls Taken

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11th Elk Hunt Opens in Arkansas With Two Bulls TakenCOMPTON – For the 11th year, a handful of fortunate hunters went after elk in the Buffalo River country.

They had favorable weather ­ cool nights, warm days and clear skies ­in their favor. But the hunting was a challenge. One bull elk was taken the first day near sunset, and one was downed the second day near sunset.

Gary Jashinsky Jr. lives in Cabot and is stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base. He had one of four public land permits for the September 2008 hunt and scored with a 6X6 bull elk, meaning six points on each side of its antlers.

Jashinsky eased out into a field in the Hasty area close to the Buffalo River late Tuesday afternoon. He spotted the bull, shot with his .30-06 rifle and hit the bull. But it didn’t go down. Jashinsky fired again and the bull dropped.

The first success of the hunt was on the private land portion of the hunt and this area has a quota of three elk. Kevin Shaddox of Springdale was hunting on land owned by his family near the Boone-Carroll county line.

Shaddox, hunting with his father, Dorwin Shaddox, said they heard one bull elk but didn’t find it. Later in the day they sat in a ground blind, heard another and began using a call. The bull answered. After some more calls, the bull came into good shooting range, 50 yards.

Shaddox fired once with his .300 Magnum rifle, and the 5X6 bull dropped. It was his first elk hunt. Shaddox is 31 and a fleet manager for J.B. Hunt Co.

The September elk hunt will continue through Friday or until the private land permits and the private land quota are filled. Another hunt will be Dec. 8-12.