AGFC Seeks Jackrabbit Sightings for Survey

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AGFC seeks jackrabbit sightings for surveyLITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is conducting an observation survey throughout the state, and seeks the help of Arkansas residents.

While cottontail and swamp rabbits are common, jackrabbits have not been seen in Arkansas since the late 1980s. One of the last known jackrabbit populations was in FortChaffee until the early 1970s. 

The black-tailed jackrabbit once was found across northwestern and western Arkansas. It was common in Benton, Crawford and Washington counties in the mid-1950s, but has become rare in Arkansas because of changes in farming practices. Jackrabbits can be seen early or late in the day and thrive in prairies, pastures, hay fields and orchards.

Residents can help the AGFC by recording any jackrabbit sightings and submitting them to They also may call Blake Sasse, AGFC nongame mammal program coordinator, at (877) 470-3650 to report jackrabbits. Old sightings will benefit the survey as well.

Jackrabbits are much larger than cottontails and swamp rabbits and can jump as high as 3 feet. The Web page includes drawings of cottontails, swamp rabbits and jackrabbits for identification.