Hunter Education Courses Benefit Veterans As Well As Beginners

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Hunter education courses benefit veterans as well as beginnersLITTLE ROCK – Hunter education classes are underway all across Arkansas as the various hunting seasons approach.

Successful completion of a hunter education course and its concluding written exam are required in Arkansas of anyone born after December 31, 1968. In addition, older persons must have hunter education certificates when hunting in other states; Colorado, popular with elk hunters, is one.

“There is no one who will not benefit from a hunter education course,” said Joe Huggins, hunter education coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “No matter how good and how experienced at hunting a person may be, there is so much valuable information packed into these 10-hour courses that they will be an asset for anyone, not just the young people who are required to take them.”

Hunter education began in Arkansas in 1971 on a voluntary basis at first. A little over a decade later it became mandatory. More than 300,000 persons have completed the courses and have passed the exams in Arkansas.

Huggins said, “We strongly recommend parents take the hunter education course along with their sons or daughters. The mother or even the father may not be a hunter. But there is so much in these courses that will benefit everyone in just everyday life and knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife.”

The hunter education classes are free, and nearly all are taught by volunteer instructors. Some of these are wildlife officers and other Game and Fish Commission employees teaching on their off hours. Schedules of upcoming courses are given the news media each week by the AGFC. Interested persons can also phone (501) 223-6377 or toll-free (800) 482-5795 for hunter education information. Classes can also be found on the AGFC Web site at