FWC Officers Remove Large Python from Busy Road

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FWC law enforcement officers use a catch pole to secure this nonvenomous Burmese python from Indiantown Road near Sierra Square Plaza in Jupiter Farms. - (FWC photo)Law enforcement officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) removed a Burmese python from Indiantown Road near Sierra Square Plaza in Jupiter Farms late Monday night.

Officers used a catch pole to secure the nonvenomous snake. The snake, which was approximately 12 feet long and weighed 100 pounds, appeared to be injured and may have been hit by a car.  The snake was taken to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. (Contact: David Hitzig)

The FWC believes this python, a nonnative species, is a released pet.  It is illegal to release any nonnative species into the wild in Florida.  Nonnative reptiles released into the wild may prey on native species.

Burmese pythons are classified as “reptiles of concern” by the FWC.  People possessing any of these species must have an FWC permit and pay an annual fee of $100.  Owners of pet reptiles of concern must also meet strict caging and facility requirements.  Rules and regulations are online at MyFWC.com/nonnatives/ruleregs.html.

People may surrender their unwanted nonnative pets free of charge, no questions asked, at the FWC’s pet amnesty days. One will be held in Jacksonville on Nov. 22. The next local nonnative pet amnesty day will be March 21, 2009, at the Miami Metro Zoo.  For more information, please go to MyFWC.com/nonnatives/AmnestyDayEvents.html.