Minnesota DNR Dock Removals Underway

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Minnesota DNR Dock Removals UnderwayAll across Minnesota, lakeshore owners have been busily removing docks in anticipation of freezing temperatures. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is doing the same at public water accesses.

Craig Mitchell, DNR Southern Region Trails and Waterways manager at New Ulm, said the DNR tries to leave docks out as long as reasonably possible.

“We decide when to remove docks based on historical weather patterns and anticipated freeze-up of different lakes,” Mitchell said. “Fall fishing in Minnesota has increased quite a bit in recent years so we also try to accommodate those anglers as best we can. But we need to make sure that we remove all docks in time to avoid risking expensive ice damage.”

Anglers and others who intend to use a public water access this fall are encouraged to either check to make sure the dock is still available or bring waders or hip boots along to facilitate launching in the event the dock has been removed.

You also may learn more about the status of local docks by visiting the Trails and Waterways office nearest you. Go to ‘office locater’ on the DNR Web site at www.mndnr.gov to find a convenient office.