2008-09 Modern Gun Deer Season Forecast Appears Favorable for Arkansas

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2008-09 Modern Gun Deer Season Forecast Appears Favorable  for ArkansasLITTLE ROCK – The statewide modern gun deer season forecast looks promising for the 2008-09 season. Arkansas’ modern gun season opens this Saturday, Nov. 8.

According to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Deer Program Coordinator Brad Miller, many areas of the state are seeing a substantial amount of deer food in the woods this year. “Across most of the state, acorn production appears good this year.  Additionally, some areas have high production of grapes and persimmons,” Miller said.

The use of food plots by deer will likely increase in the latter portion of the season due to the current abundance of natural foods, Miller said. “Hunters may need to find an area with good acorn production and evidence of deer use such as droppings or fresh tracks later in the season,” Miller explained.

A short breakdown of the state’s geographical regions follows:

Ozarks/Arkansas River Valley/Ouachitas: Field observations indicate moderate to good acorn production by both Red and White Oaks. Last Easter’s freeze may still influence acorn production of red oaks this year, due to their two year cycle of flower to fruit. Soft mast production by wild grape and persimmon is moderate. The deer harvest in this region may not match the strong harvest of last year which was attributed to the poor mast production last fall.

Crowleys Ridge: Reports by regional staff are similar to those of the Ozarks, Arkansas River Valley and the Ouachitas.

Delta Region: Reports from southeastern Arkansas indicate a heavy pecan crop this year.

Gulf Coastal Plain: Last season, the top 10 counties in Arkansas for deer harvested per square mile were all in the GCP, and nothing indicates any change this year. Acorn production by white oaks in the northern GCP is good. Additionally, the persimmon crop appears good this season.