Michigan Hunters Reminded of Upper Peninsula Antler Restrictions

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Michigan Hunters Reminded of Upper Peninsula Antler RestrictionsThe Department of Natural Resources reminds Upper Peninsula deer hunters that they should carefully consider which deer hunting license they purchase this season.

Hunters who opt to purchase a two-tag combination license will be subject to antler restrictions on both bucks. Upper Peninsula regulations changed this year to require that one buck sport a minimum of three points on one antler and the other buck has a minimum of four points on one antler.

Upper Peninsula hunters who bought their combination license before June 12 are not subject to three-on-one-side restriction. The three-point restriction does not apply in the Lower Peninsula. The four-on-one-side restriction for one of two bucks applies statewide.

The UP regulation limits hunters without a combination license to only one buck. UP hunters who purchase a firearm license may shoot one buck with no restrictions on the number of antler points. However they will not be able to take a buck during the archery season. Similarly, UP hunters who have already killed a buck with an archery license this fall may not shoot another buck during the firearm season.

Hunters who participate in both peninsulas are bound by the regulations of the peninsula in which they are hunting.

For more information about deer hunting in Michigan, please visit the DNR’s Web site at www.michigan.gov/dnrhunting.