2009 Massachusetts Licenses Available By Mid-December

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2009 Massachusetts Licenses Available By Mid-DecemberHunting, fishing and trapping licenses for 2009 will be available for purchase online and at license vendors across the state by mid-December. The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife’s efforts in habitat protection and management, wildlife data collection and monitoring, fish and pheasant stocking, endangered species conservation and education programs are primarily supported by fishing and hunting license fees.

Licenses may be purchased online via the MassOutdoors website at www.mass.gov/massoutdoors.  Online license buyers are reminded to be sure to choose “the next year” button when purchasing 2009 licenses, permits, and stamps. Deer hunters will have must wait until January 1, 2009 to apply for antlerless deer permits online. Due to documentation requirements, trapping licenses and hunting licenses for minors are not available for purchase online.

Licenses will also be available for purchase by mid-December at over the counter license vendor locations throughout the state. Hunting and sporting license buyers must show a previous hunting license from any year, state or Canadian province or a hunter safety certificate of completion from any state or Canadian province in order to purchase a hunting license.