Tag A Holiday Gift To Help Florida’s Wildlife

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Go Fishing plate with the largemouth bass logo A different idea for gift-giving this holiday season can help save Florida’s unique and varied fish and wildlife, and it can be used year-round.  The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers gift certificates for any specialty tag in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has five different specialty license plates.  The purchase of any of these plates helps in the efforts to preserve and conserve Florida’s wildlife and natural habitats.  Specialty plates currently available through the FWC are the:

  • Conserve Wildlife plate with the black bear logo ($15);
  • Go Fishing plate with the largemouth bass logo ($25);
  • Protect the Panther plate ($25);
  • Helping Sea Turtles Survive plate ($23); and
  • Save the Manatee plate ($20).

Helping Sea Turtles Survive plate An additional $4.50 will be added at the time of purchase for administrative and certificate costs.

The FWC’s specialty tag gift certificates may be purchased at any authorized motor vehicle office, such as a state motor vehicle office, local tax collector’s office or a licensed tag agent.  A credit will be issued in the name of the gift recipient.  When recipients renew their license plates and pay the regular registration fee, they can use the gift certificate to buy the specialty tag.

Since most tags are renewed on the birth date of the registered vehicle owner, these gift certificates make great birthday presents also.

To learn more about the FWC’s specialty plates, visit www.WildlifeFlorida.org, or call 800-988-4889.