Wisconsin Antlerless Deer Only Hunt Set For Dec. 11-14

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Wisconsin Antlerless Deer Only Hunt Set For Dec. 11-14 Hunt to include central forest deer management units
MADISON – Following the traditional nine-day deer hunting season several deer hunting opportunities remain. The Dec. 1-10 muzzleloader hunt immediately follows the nine-day season and leads to the statewide four-day, Dec. 11-14, antlerless deer hunt.

The antlerless deer only hunt is open to bow and gun hunters and will take place in Regular, Herd Control (HC), Earn-a-Buck (EAB), Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), metro and some state park deer management units. Antlerless deer carcass tags in HC and EAB units are available in unlimited numbers at $2 each.

Hunters are reminded that the Dec. 11-14 antlerless hunt will include the Central Forest deer management units 53, 54A, 55, 56, 58. These units had been excluded from an October antlerless deer hunt in 2008 because hunters in these units had met a 2:1 antlerless to antlered deer harvest ratio over the previous two seasons. These units could be included in future October antlerless hunts if the 2:1 ratio is not met during the 2008 seasons.

In regular deer management units hunters will need a unit specific $12 antlerless carcass tag. These are limited in number but are still available in 8 of 22 regular units in this year’s hunt. A list of units with permits still available can be found on the DNR Web site.

Hunters are advised to consult the 2008 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations for specific tagging and weapon regulations for the deer management unit or state park in which they plan to hunt.

The statewide December antlerless hunt was created in 2006 following hunting groups’ request for additional opportunity to hunt antlerless deer. Hunters also requested, and the Department of Natural Resources made available, a limitless supply of $2 antlerless deer carcass tags in Herd Control and Earn-a-Buck units to assist hunters in pressuring overpopulated deer management units downward, closer to population goals.

Customer Service Call Center
Most questions regarding the antlerless hunt can be answered by the 2008 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations pamphlet or by the online Customer Service Center through the DNR Web site. Hunters can also call the toll-free DNR Customer Service Call Center 1-888-WDNR INFo (1-888-936-7463) anytime between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days per week and speak to an operator who either will have the answer or can access it quickly. During the recently completed nine-day gun deer hunt, the call center received thousands of calls from hunters in the field asking questions about properly tagging a deer, where was the closest registration station, and to report game law violations.

CWD Management Zone
Like the rest of the state, both gun and archery deer hunters in CWD Management Zone units are limited to shooting antlerless deer only during the Dec. 11-14 period. There is an unlimited supply of free antlerless deer carcass tags available for CWD units (limit 4 per hunter per day) from deer registration stations, participating license vendors and DNR Service Centers. The $2 herd control and Earn-a-buck antlerless deer carcass tags may also be used in the CWD units. Hunting rules for the CWD Management Zone will return to unlimited earn-a-buck EAB rules for the remainder of the archery season from Dec. 15-Jan. 4th, and during a Dec. 24- Jan 4 “Holiday Gun Deer Hunt”.

Venison donation option
“If your freezer is full, consider hunting for the venison donation program,” said Laurie Fike, donation program coordinator. “Fifty-five counties have participating meat processors in 2008. A list of participating processors is on the DNR Web site and you can also locate the closest processor by calling the DNR Information Line 1-888-WDNR-INFo.”

Since 2000, hunters have donated more than 63,000 deer and 2.8 million pounds of venison to this program. There is no cost to the hunter other than transporting the registered carcass to a participating processor.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Keith Warnke – (608) 264-6023