Hunting Seasons Still Open in Idaho

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California QuailMany big game hunting seasons have ended, but there’s still plenty of hunting open through the end of the month and through the winter.

Seasons are open for geese, ducks, coots and common snipe through January 16 in the northern and eastern parts of the state and through January 23 in the southwest. The season is closed on canvasbacks.

In the uplands, the seasons remain open on forest grouse and on pheasants in the northern and western part of the state through December 31. The pheasant and quail seasons are closed in the eastern part of the state.

Bobwhite and California quail season remains open through January 31 in the western and northern parts of the state. The seasons on chukar and gray partridge remain open through January 31.

As for rabbits, the season on cottontails is open through February 28 and on snowshoe hares through March 31. Jackrabbits are considered predators under Idaho law and hunting is unregulated but a current hunting or combination license is still required.

Falconry is open through March 15 for upland game birds species and January 31 for crows. The falconry season on migratory game birds is the same as the federal seasons.

Mountain lion seasons are open through the winter in much of the state. Mountain lion seasons are open through March 31 in all units except 1 – 9; 20A, 26, 27, 41 and 42.

A valid 2009 hunting license will be required starting January 1, 2009.

Licenses are available at vendors and Fish and Game offices.

Check Fish and Game rules for exact seasons in your favorite hunting unit.

Rules, seasons and limits also are available on the internet at: