2009 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST

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2009 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST COVERPortions of this Digest are available in enlarged format for the visually impaired. To request a black and white, large format Digest, write to: NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Large Format Fishing Digest, P.O. Box 400, Trenton, NJ 08625-0400

The 2009 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST is available on this website in PDF format in its entirety and individual segments (for faster downloads). It will also be available in interactive Flash format on the publisher’s website soon. Print versions will be available at Division offices and at license agents the week of December 15.

2009 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife DIGEST (pdf, 6.2mb)

Cover – Page 5 – Contains: Cover; Table of Contents; Fishing Hotlines; Commissioner’s and Director’s Messages; List of Councils; and advertisements. (1.2mb)

Pages 6 – 13 – Contains: Warmwater Fisheries Management Program – Chronicle of a (Newly) Retired Biologist; Free Fishing Days; True New Jersey Natives; and advertisements. (750kb)

Pages 14 – 29 – Contains: License Information; Summary of General Fishing Regulations; Water Supply Reservoir Permits; General Trout Fishing Information, Regulations and Spring Stocked Waters; Sea Run Brown Trout Information; Accessible Fishing Sites Information; Free Fishing Days; Teen Anglers Youth Day; Pequest Open House and Flea Market; “Physh Ed” Grants; Warmwater and Coolwater Summary Table; Boundary Waters Regulations; Freshwater Fisheries Forums; Baitfish, Turtle and Frog Regulations; Motor Boat and Jet Ski Regulations; Fishing License Lines – Where License is Required; Wildlife Management Area Regulations and Recent Acquisitions; Map Information; and advertisements. (875kb)

Pages 30 – 31 – Contains: Freshwater Fish ID Illustrations (535kb)

Pages 32 – 39 – Contains: Be a Responsible Angler – Disease Alert; Angler Ethics; New Jersey’s Stocking Programs; Asian Swamp Eel – Invasive Alert; Stop the Spread of Invasive Fish Species; Bowfishing for Carp; Conserve Wildlife Foundation Information; and advertisements. (710kb)

Pages 40 – 45 – Contains: Trout in the Classroom Information; State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Information; Skillful Angler Awards Program; Record Freshwater Fish; Fish Smart, Eat Smart – Health Advisory; and advertisements. (770kb)

Pages 46 – 48 – Contains: DEP Publications of Special Interest to Anglers; Become a Hunter Education Instructor; State Police Marine Law Stations; Get on the (E-mail) Lists; Display Your License; Fish Art & Writing Contest; Angler’s Showplace (advertising section);and advertisements. (1.1mb)

Pages 49 – 50 – Contains: Telephone Directory and advertisements. (390kb)
Digest Advertising
The Division of Fish and Wildlife incorporates advertising in each issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest to defray publishing and printing costs. This responsible use of funding permits the Division to expand communication and outreach efforts with the sportsmen and women who enjoy our wildlife resources.
To advertise in upcoming issues of the Digest (Freshwater Fishing, Marine or Hunting), click on the link to our publisher, J. F. Griffin Publishing, www.jfgriffin.com or call 413-884-1001.