07 Jan, 2009 – Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting Report

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07 Jan, 2009 - Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting ReportWeekly migratory bird hunting reports are posted from early September through early February.

High Plains Mallard Management Unit: Goose hunting has been excellent, according to several outfitters. Limits of decoying Canada geese and good action for snow geese has been the norm with the recent cold weather. Many geese are hitting green fields. Lots of juvenile snows in the flock which has helped put more white on the strap. Best hunts have been had near Lake Etter, Spearman and Dumas. Good hunts have also been posted around Knox City for ducks and geese. Duck numbers continue to be strong on playas and feed lots, though few hunters are taking advantage. Lots of mallards on playa lakes. Pheasant season concluded, and outfitters said it was a good year. Prospects are good.

North Zone Duck: Duck hunting has been fair at best for puddle ducks like mallards, gadwalls and teal. Timber hunters have been able to score their two wood ducks. Hunters willing to shoot diving ducks have filled their bag with the five-bird limit. Lots of canvasbacks, scaup and ringed-necks have been taken on Lake O’the Pines. Toledo Bend hunters have shot canvasbacks, scaup and a few mallards. Caddo Lake has been fair for ringed-necks and gadwalls. A few mallards have been taken on Sam Rayburn. Some hunters hunted in freezing rain and snow early in the week. Conditions remain dry along the coast. Good hunts were posted in the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend for wood ducks, gadwalls, teal and a few mallards. Prospects are fair to good.

South Zone Duck: Duck hunting has been hit-or-miss on the coastal prairies. Those able to rest ponds have had good shoots for green-winged teal and pintails. Water continues to be an issue as many ponds have dried up, which has helped concentrate birds on the ponds with water. Marsh hunters have seen half-limits at best. Few food is left in the marsh to hold birds through January. Bluebills and a few teal have been the norm in Trinity Bay. Port O’Connor and Rockport hunters are taking their pintails and redheads, but more coveted ducks like gadwalls and wigeons have been noticeably absent. Redheads, bluebills and pintails have been good in Port Mansfield. Goose hunting has been steady with mild temperatures, southerly winds and foggy conditions. Snows have readily decoyed and some impressive hunts have been posted. Specklebellies have shied away from white spreads and calling. Dark geese have segregated themselves in fields. Canada geese have decoyed and picked up the slack. Geese are hitting green fields of wheat, rye and clover. Prospects are good.