Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting Report

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Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting ReportWeekly migratory bird hunting reports are posted from early September through early February.

West Zone Goose: Hunters in the Panhandle closed out their season Feb. 8. Outfitters reported limits of dark geese through the last day of the season. However, snow geese disappeared from Cactus Lake near Etter and Dumas. The goose season was steady from start to finish, despite many days of mild weather. Water was probably a factor in keeping birds in the area as an abundance of playa lakes allowed for plenty of roosting areas.

Light Goose Conservation Order: The return of south winds last week jump-started decoying action along the coast. Some outfitters reported 100-plus bird hunts, including a confirmed 180-bird shoot in Jackson County over wheat. However, few outfitters and fewer hunters have been in the field. Many have put away their shotguns for the year. Even fewer are the geese. Many have disappeared with the strong southeast winds blowing in excess of 25 knots on the prairie. Fewer roosting areas and a severe drought have turned most watering holes to dust. Panhandle hunters began their season Feb.9 and many chose to stay in bed. Cactus Lake, the primary roosting area for snows in the High Plains, have been devoid of white birds. Outfitters say snows left the region with the recent mild conditions. Prospects are fair.