Pro Fishing Research Releases Top 10 Bass Lures Fishing DVD

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Pro Fishing ResearchWakarusa, KS – Pro Fishing Research, LLC, announces the release of ‘How To Use The Pro Fishing Research Top 10 Bass Lures’ DVD which features the top 10 Bass Lures from our rankings.

This two hour DVD features five pros from our network demonstrating exactly how to use these lures most effectively to optimize their fish catching potential. Mike McClelland, Jeff Kriet, Randy Howell, Ken Cook, and Jimmy Houston describe the features of these lures and show you how and when to use them in the situations they were made for, to help you have better fishing success, and get better value with the time and money you spend on fishing. In addition to demonstrating their favorite retrieval techniques for these lures, the pros go into depth on color selection, water conditions, bass feeding patterns, how to match the rod, reel, and line with the lure, and how to rig these lures based on varying conditions to help you get the most value out of the top 10 bass lures from our rankings. Although this DVD is focused on presenting how to optimize the top 10 Bass Lures as chosen by our network of pros, the information conveyed can be used more broadly to help viewers become much more effective bass fishermen.

Pro Fishing Research  About Pro Fishing Research

Pro Fishing Research ( ranks products based on the cumulative preferences of a network of pro bass fishermen, who use a vast array of the industry’s products in the real-life setting of catching fish to win tournaments. Our information is unique because our customers are not product manufacturers. The information we provide is solely based on the product preferences of the pros in our network who spend an average of 172 days per year fishing, have fished for bass for an average of 32 years, and have fished in an average of 220 tournaments. Approximately 85% of our network participants are in the top half of the Bassfan World Rankings. Slightly less than 40% fish the Elite Series, with most of the remainder fishing the FLW. We believe the opinions of this group provide us with a credible source of information to obtain rankings of products that really work.

Pro Fishing Research  Pro Fishing Research is committed to bringing to you the highest quality, least biased pro bass fishing insight available anywhere, in a format that is efficient with your time and easy for you to consume. Our rankings are not sponsored by any product manufacturer and are driven solely by the opinions of the pros in our network. You can obtain more information about our company and our rankings on our website.

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