New Striped Bass Regulations For Delaware River Take Effect in Pennsylvania on April 1

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Donald J. Clark; 53 lb. 13 oz. Delaware River, 1989 Harrisburg, PA – Licensed Pennsylvania anglers fishing the Delaware River and Estuary can now harvest striped bass and hybrid striped bass from April 1 through May 31, a season which has been closed by the Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) since 1992.

Under the new regulations, adopted by the PFBC at its January quarterly meeting, anglers can harvest two striped bass per day between 20-26 inches during the two-month season. The change is the result of the successful restoration of the striped bass population along the Atlantic Coast. The regulations are designed to allow some harvest of male striped bass, while still protecting most of the spawning female striped bass. For the rest of the year, there is a 28-inch minimum length and a two fish per day creel limit.

The following seasons, sizes and creel limits apply to the Delaware River, the West Branch Delaware River, and to Pennsylvania tributaries to the Delaware River from the mouths of the tributaries upstream to the limit of the tidal influence. They also apply to the Lehigh River from its mouth upstream to the first dam in Easton, Pa.

Species Season Minimum Size Daily Limit
Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass From PA line upstream to Calhoun Street Bridge:
Jan. 1 – March 31 and June 1 – Dec. 31
28 inches 2
April 1 through May 31 20-26 inches 2
Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass From Calhoun Street Bridge upstream: open year-round  

28 inches



The PFBC reminds anglers that these regulations differ from the striped bass regulations enforced by the N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife in the four months January, February, April and May. Information on N.J. regulations can be found at: