Murray County Shallow Lake of Minnesota Receives Special Designation

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Murray County Shallow Lake of Minnesota Receives Special DesignationRound Lake in Murray County has been officially designated as Minnesota’s 43rd wildlife management lake by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Mark Holsten.

The formal designation, following months of planning and public input gathering, provides the DNR with special authority to manage the 162-acre lake for waterfowl, wildlife and clean water through the use of periodic, temporary water level draw-downs in addition to other strategies.

Once a popular waterfowl lake, Round Lake has been in a declining state for many years due to excessive nutrients, high water and abundant rough fish. DNR partnered with Ducks Unlimited to survey and design both a new water control structure and a fish barrier that will help address those problems. Ducks Unlimited will hire and manage the construction of the new structures this fall through a grant from the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

Wendy Kruger, DNR Slayton area wildlife manager, calls the designation “a good shot in the arm for this lake and waterfowl that depend on clean water and healthy vegetation for survival. Now we can really focus on the necessary management approaches needed to restore this important lake.”

“Round Lake is just one more piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving shallow lakes and wetland habitat for waterfowl in Minnesota,” said Jon Schneider, Ducks Unlimited manager of Conservation Programs in Minnesota. “However, as our first project implemented with the new dedicated conservation funding approved by the voters last fall, it is an important building block and we’re very excited about its future.

“We’re optimistic that over time, these improved lakes will restore the stepping stones of high quality migration habitat ducks and other birds evolved to rely on as they moved through Minnesota in both spring and fall,” Schneider said.

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