Youth Must Apply for Antlerless Permit in Much of Southwestern Minnesota

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Youth Must Apply for Antlerless Permit in Much of Southwestern MinnesotaHunters who hope to harvest an antlerless deer in southwestern Minnesota this fall have an important date coming up soon: Thursday, Sept. 10.

According to Ken Varland, DNR regional wildlife manager at New Ulm, hunters have expressed concerns about low deer populations in many portions of this area. In order to increase the herd, it was necessary to limit antlerless deer hunting opportunities.

“This year, all of southwestern Minnesota is designated as either youth-only antlerless or as lottery,” Varland said.

Eleven permit areas are youth-only antlerless, which means only youth younger than 18 who are successful in the lottery will be able to take an antlerless deer. All other hunters in these areas, including muzzleloader and archery hunters, are restricted to bucks only.

Deer permit areas 234, 237, 274, 275, 282, 283 and 284, 286, 288 and 289 are designated as youth only antlerless areas.

All other deer permit areas in the southwest are designated as Lottery, which means all adults, including muzzleloader hunters, are required to submit a lottery application by Sept. 10.

“Most southwestern deer hunters are used to submitting a lottery application,” Varland said. “Hunters should simply buy their license by the Sept. 10 deadline, and tell the agent which deer permit area they intend to hunt. They will automatically be placed in the drawing for an either-sex permit.”

A person can apply using either a firearm or muzzleloader license, but not both. Either-sex permits will then be distributed proportionately to the applications received and will be valid for only the season listed on the permit.

Hunters are encouraged to carefully review the deer hunting regulations in the 2009 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulation Handbook prior to deciding where and how they wish to hunt.  Additional deer season information can be found at

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