L.D.W.F. Secretary Creates Louisiana Shrimp Processor Advisory Panel

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L.D.W.F. Secretary Creates Louisiana Shrimp Processor Advisory PanelThe Louisiana Shrimp Task Force gave Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Secretary Robert Barham the authority to create two advisory panels to the task force.  One advisory panel will be comprised of Louisiana shrimp harvesters from across the state, while the other will be made-up of Louisiana shrimp processors.  Each of these panels will meet in the coming weeks and elect a spokesperson to sit on the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force as an ex-officio member.

“In order for this task force to fulfill its mission, we must have the appropriate input from industry folks who are being affected by the decisions these state agencies are making,” said chairman of the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force and LDWF Secretary Barham.  “With the guidance of these two advisory panels, it is my hope that this task force will create a series of long-term successes for the industry, the state and all future generations of Louisianians.”

The following members have been selected to serve based on advice from legislators, local officials, public input and LDWF biologists:

Louisiana Shrimp Processor Advisory Panel:

Lance Authement, Daniel Babin, Kristen Baumer, Andrew Blanchard, Dean Blanchard, Jeff Floyd, Andy Gibson, Randy Pearce, Jeff Scott and Gerard Thomassie.

Three additional members will be appointed.

Governor Bobby Jindal issued Executive Order BJ 09-13 on Aug. 31, 2009 creating the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force.  LDWF was delegated to house and staff the task force.  The membership, consisting of state agencies, was charged to examine the Louisiana shrimp industry as a whole, identify problems prevalent in the industry and develop plans or propose policies which can improve the economic sustainability of the industry.