Banner Early Archery Deer Season Expected in Indiana

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Banner Early Archery Deer Season Expected in Indiana DNR deer research biologist Chad Stewart expects a banner year for early archery deer season, which runs Oct. 1 through Nov. 30.

Early archery deer season provides a different experience from the more popular firearm season for deer.

“Archery season is a great time to be out,” Stewart said.  “The woods are far less crowded, the weather is cool but not too cold, and best of all, the deer are active because the season typically overlaps the pre-rut and rut, when deer are most active.”

 “Rut” refers to breeding season for deer. 

In assessing the prospects for this year’s deer seasons, Stewart said that EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease), an insect-borne virus suspected to be present in more than 30 of the state’s counties last year, should have little effect on this year’s hunting.

 “We have had several EHD reports this year from the south central and west central counties, but nothing to the extent to what we received the past two years,” Stewart said.  “Much like the counties with EHD two years ago rebounded last year, the counties affected last year should rebound this year, though there may be some properties that are still feeling the effects into this year.”

Stewart said that the overall deer harvest for the last three years has averaged around 124,400 to 125,500, numbers he expects to be met or exceeded this year. 

“In terms of early archery season, the harvest has ranged from about 23,000 to about 26,000, and I anticipate similar numbers this year,” he said.