California DFG Adds New “Map It” Feature To Scheduled Fish Stocking Web Pages

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10/28/2009 – The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has unveiled a new feature on its Web site that allows anglers to better scout out prime trout fishing spots. The new “Map It” feature at links the weekly trout stocking schedule for bodies of water throughout the state to Google Maps, providing directions and other pertinent info to anglers who are planning fishing trips.

California DFG Adds New “Map It” Feature To Scheduled Fish Stocking Web Pages “The scheduled fish plant pages are now receiving more hits than any other section of our Web site,” said Walt Beer, DFG’s Statewide Hatchery Coordinator. “This is proving to be a wonderful one-stop planning tool for anglers who want to maximize their chances for a good day of fishing.”

Beer added that numerous anglers have emailed DFG to praise the addition of the “Map It” feature, such as one Visalia resident who wrote, “What a great idea!”

The new Fish Stocking “Map It” page complements DFG’s “Online Fishing Guide,” another popular map-based Web page that provides a broad range of information about California fishing opportunities. This page, found at, lists the services and facilities available at various fishing locations, as well as a general description of the terrain and species available.

Anglers can also call the Fish Stocking hotline in each region to hear recorded information about stocking schedules:

Region 1: (530) 225-2146
Region 2: (916) 351-0832
Region 3: (707) 944-5581
Region 4: (559) 243-4005 x 183
Regions 5 and 6: (562) 594-7268

Fish stocking information is updated regularly, both online and on the hotlines, and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.