Acadia National Park America’s Best Idea: National Park Getaway

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Acadia National Park America’s Best Idea: National Park GetawayBAR HARBOR, Maine – Every week, the National Park Service shines a spotlight on a different park—the destination of the week’s Getaway. The chosen place takes the lead role in a travel article published at This week’s article, the 55th in the series, stars Acadia National Park in Maine.

We open with a lush shot of Ocean Drive, where prim evergreens line the shore and gaze on the periwinkle-colored Atlantic and on seaside rocks and grasses gilded by the sun. Bar Harbor’s bombshell proves her versatility as the Getaway unfolds: one minute, she’s an action-packed vacation for hikers and bikers (and, at the right time, skiers and snowshoers); the next, a slower-paced, even romantic, escape that boasts horse-drawn carriage rides, scenic boat cruises, shopping opportunities in Bar Harbor, and the elegant comforts of tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House.

A costume designer’s dream come true, Acadia looks stunning in any attire. For the Getaway, she dons floral pinks, misty woodland greens, and the blues of ocean, hills, mountains, and sky. Yet she’ll also wow you when clad in the scarlet and yellow cape of autumn or in soft and gleaming robes of snow. If you don’t have plans to visit this national treasure during the summer, you might want to start planning a fall or winter excursion.

Visitors enjoy a scenic carriage ride on historic, broken-stone roads. (Photo: Bob Thayer)Critics agree: this week’s Getaway gets two thumbs up. Acadia, like the Getaway parks before her, delivers a sensational performance. The article series, as always, introduces readers to places of natural and cultural significance where they can connect with family and friends.