2011 New Hampshire Moose Hunt Permit Auction Opens

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CONCORD, N.H. — The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire officially opened its third Annual Moose Permit Auction on March 1. As the official nonprofit partner of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the Foundation is authorized to auction up to five permits to the five highest bidders. Proceeds from the auction help support critical fish and wildlife conservation and education programs and facilities of the N.H. Fish and Game Department.

“Every year, the auction provides the Foundation with a way to support Fish and Game programs and initiatives that are important to the people of this state. It is critical that we find ways to sustain wildlife conservation, education and outreach programs, particularly for the youth of New Hampshire who are the future stewards of our natural environment,” said Steve White, Foundation Chairman.

Deadline for receipt of auction bids is August 3, 2011. Bids will be opened on August 5, 2011. To download an official bidder’s packet, go to www.nhwildlifefoundation.org. Packets also may be requested by contacting the Foundation at coordinator [at] nhwildlifefoundation [dot] org or calling (603) 545-4873.

The 2011 moose hunting season in New Hampshire runs from October 15 – 23. Winners of last year’s N.H. moose hunt auction raved about their New Hampshire hunting experience. All five got their moose. Winning bidders Jennifer and Ludwig Boehler of New Jersey said this of their 2010 hunt: “This moose hunt was an absolutely incredible experience. Having hunted throughout most of the U.S. and Africa several times, we compare this experience to those, and felt the challenge, intrigue, and ultimate reward. Each of us harvested real trophy moose. Jen’s measured 56 inches, 810 lbs. dressed, and mine was 58 inches, 830 lbs. dressed. We rate this as one of our favorite hunts.” The 2010 auction garnered 24 bids from eleven states, with the highest bid at $8,600. The five winners came from New Hampshire and New Jersey.

Successful bidders in the 2011 auction will need to show proof of a previous hunting license or a certificate of completion of an approved hunter education training program. Winning auction permit holders will be able to harvest one moose of either sex in a wildlife management unit of their choice, and will be responsible for purchasing their own 2011 New Hampshire hunting license to accompany their moose permit. Individuals who receive a permit in the 2011 New Hampshire moose hunt lottery are subject to the rules of the lottery, and will not be eligible to participate in the auction. A portion of a winning bid may be tax deductible as a charitable donation; potential bidders should check with their tax advisors to determine eligibility.

Additional information on moose hunting in New Hampshire, including rules, permits, licenses and a gallery of photos from successful N.H. hunts, can be found at www.huntnh.com/Hunting/Hunt_species/hunt_moose.htm.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire raises money and works with wildlife professionals and conservation educators to fund the conservation of wildlife and natural places important to New Hampshire’s family traditions such as hiking, hunting, fishing and watching wildlife. Since its establishment in 2006, the Foundation has supported many Fish and Game projects through grants, donations and sponsorships, including Barry Conservation Camp, the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center, Operation Land Share, the 2009-2011 National Hunting and Fishing Day Expo, Discover WILD New Hampshire Day, and production of WILD TIMES for Kids, a fish and wildlife publication that reaches 30,000 schoolchildren in classrooms across New Hampshire. The Foundation accepts tax-deductible donations throughout the year from individuals as well as institutions, and now provides access to PayPal through its website for donor convenience. To learn more about the Foundation and how you can help, visit www.nhwildlifefoundation.org, or call (603) 545-4873