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FLORA VISTA – Department of Game and Fish conservation officers successfully removed an arrow from a tundra swan that had been shot from a bow last week near Farmington. An investigation is under way to find the person who shot the protected bird.

The juvenile swan was one of four that had been seen recently at Luther Lake in Flora Vista and at nearby Farmington Lake. Officers treated the bird’s wound with antibiotics before releasing it and watching it fly away.

“We pulled a Beman ICS Bow Hunter 400 arrow with a judo point tip out of the swan,” said Jeremy Smith, Farmington District wildlife officer. He and fellow officer Brad Ryan jumped into Luther Lake and used a net to capture the bird. “We are lucky the arrow didn’t have a field tip or broadhead on it, or the swan would be dead,” he said. The arrow that came out of the swan is a type specifically made to kill birds or small animals by force of impact instead of full penetration.

All swans are protected and there are no hunting seasons for them in New Mexico. Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest or charges filed in the case is asked to call Operation Game Thief toll-free at (800) 432-4263. Informants can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a $250 reward.