DFG Wardens, Scientists and Volunteers Scoop up Wayward Trout

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California Department of Fish and Game Wardens, County Sheriffs, scientists and community volunteers saved hundreds of mature trout from dying near Big Bear Lake in Northern Los Angeles County this week.

Due to the extraordinary high water levels in Big Bear Lake hundreds of trout have been swimming upstream into culverts, dry stream beds and other flooded areas near the airport at the north end of the lake and into creeks that wind through residential areas, trapping the fish in shallow water.

This week DFG personnel rescued more than 250 trout that would have been stranded in very shallow water and died once the water receded. The fish were relocated back into Big Bear Lake.

“It was pretty amazing to see 3 and 4 pound trout flopping in 2 inches of water on the side of the road way.  We had a lot of people ask what we were doing and most were very appreciative of our efforts,” said DFG Senior Environmental Scientist Mike Giusti.

Department officials will continue to watch the lake levels and will come back to the area and rescue more fish if necessary.