DNR Reminds Anglers of New Lake Trout and Splake Regulations in Lake Superior

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The Department of Natural Resources reminds Lake Superior anglers of regulations changes for lake trout and splake this season.

The minimum size limit for splake ? lake trout/brook trout hybrids – has been increased to 15 inches, the same as it is for lake trout. This change should negate problems some anglers have had with differentiating lake trout from splake. The change from 10 inches was made at the request of anglers who wanted to allow splake to attain a larger a size before being subject to harvest.

The five-fish creel daily limit for lake trout in waters east of Keweenaw Peninsula has been modified so anglers may only keep one lake trout that measures 34 inches or longer.

In addition, trout regulations for the Mosquito River and Seven Mile Creek in Alger County have changed. Both were previously research streams with special regulations. Both are Type 1 streams, with a season that runs from the last Saturday of April through Sept. 30 and a daily creel limit of five trout, no more than three measuring 15 inches or longer. Minimum size limits are seven inches for brook trout, eight inches for browns and 10 inches for rainbows.

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