Afton, Douglas, and Shoshoni Schools Come Out On Top, But All Children Win in the 2012 Wyoming National Archery in Schools Program State Tournament

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Wyoming National Archery in Schools Program State TournamentCHEYENNE  – Unofficially, you could call Zoee Wilson of Cheyenne and Mason Barker of Douglas, Wyoming’s young Robin Hoods. Officially, they are the Cowboy State’s top young female and male archers in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) State Tournament.

Winning the team titles in the fourth annual competition conducted in Wyoming were Osmond Elementary of Afton, Douglas Middle School, and Shoshoni High School.

More than 300 young archers from 12 schools shot as teams and individuals in the tournament sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The tournament was held Feb. 20 – March 2 and conducted virtually, allowing the archers to shoot in their home gym and record their scores on-line.

LeAnn Francis and her students at Goins Elementary in Cheyenne have been involved in the NASP State Tournament since it started in 2009. “Archery is an activity all students can participate in and be successful, regardless of their abilities,” said the physical education teacher. “It is a great venue to help youngsters learn and understand responsibility, safety, and respect.”

Francis has helped get the archery program into other Cheyenne schools and encourages physical education teachers across Wyoming to adopt it into their curriculum. 

This statewide in-school competition qualifies archers for the national tournament in Louisville, Ky, May 11 -12. All individual archers listed here have qualified for the national tournament with their scores and placing in the state tournament. Teams who placed first in the state tournament have also qualified as well as teams that have met the minimum combined team score – noted in italics – for their division.

Participating Schools

Alta Vista, Goins, and Hobbs elementary schools in Cheyenne, Etna Elementary, Osmond Elementary in Afton, Wind River Elementary, Centennial Middle School in Casper, Douglas Middle School, Mountain View Middle School, Star Valley Middle School, Shoshoni High School, and Sundance High School.


Elementary School Team placing (fourth – sixth grades)

1st Osmond Elementary, 2nd Alta Vista Elementary, 3rd Wind River Elementary, 4th Goins Elementary, 5th Hobbs Elementary.


Fourth Grade – Female:

 1st Alta Vista Elementary – Ashley Thibodeau, 2nd  Goins Elementary – Kelly Schmidt-Johnston, 3rd Hobbs Elementary – Cassadie Anderson, 4th Wind River Elementary – Skye Sanderson, 5th Hobbs Elementary – Taylor Phipps.


Fourth Grade – Male

 1st Alta Vista Elementary – Zollie Spencer, 2nd Alta Vista Elementary – Dylan Raymond, 3rd Alta Vista Elementary – Brendan Gill, 4th Osmond Elementary – Cole Thomas, 5th Goins Elementary – John Moser.


Fifth Grade – Female

1st Alta Vista Elementary- Devon Vanveckhoven, 2nd Alta Vista Elementary- Molly Jo Dominquez, 3rd Alta Vista Elementary- Ashlyn Bower, 4th Alta Vista Elementary – Mackenzie Hairfield, 5th Alta Vista Elementary- Caitlyn Joy.


Fifth Grade – Male

1st Osmond Elementary- Kaden Spaulding, 2nd Osmond Elementary – Grayson Hicks, 3rd Osmond Elementary – Scott Orton, 4th Alta Vista Elementary –Max Pedroza, 5th Osmund Elementary –Tristan Hicks.


Sixth Grade – Female

1st Alta Vista Elementary – Zoee Wilson, 2nd Osmond Elementary –Jessica Pieper, 3rd Osmond Elementary–Kinzi Erickson, 4th Osmond Elementary –Jolyn Semadeni, 5th Douglas Middle School – Aleksa Sandstedt.


Sixth Grade –  Male

1st Osmond Elementary –Daniel Saunders, 2nd Osmond Elementary – Jared Hale, 3rd Mountain View Middle School- Colton Roach, 4th Douglas Middle School- Trae Case, 5th Douglas Middle School – Brandon Henry.


Middle School Team Division (seventh and eigth grades)

1st Douglas Middle School, 2nd Mountain View Middle School, 3rd Shoshoni Middle School, and 4th Sundance Middle School.


Middle School – Female

1st Douglas Middle School- Tanya Rohrer, 2nd Mountain View Middle School –Meranda Merrill, 3rd Shoshoni- Shayde LeClair, 4th Mountain View Middle School- Maegon Larson, 5th Mountain View Middle School- Ashle Ford.


Middle School – Male

1st Douglas Middle School – Mason Barker, 2nd Douglas Middle School- Landon Utter, 3rd Mountain View Middle School- Dusty Iorg, 4th Star Valley Middle School- Tristan Mack, 5th Shoshoni- Jason Thoren.


High School Team Division (ninth  -12th grades)

1st Shoshoni High School, 2nd Sundance High School (Team #2), and 3rd Sundance High School (Team #1).


High School – Female

1st Mountain View Middle School- Ashton Standifer, 2nd Shoshoni High School – Krystin Gardner, 3rd Shoshoni High School – Erika Eckley, 4th Shoshoni High School– Kaylee Fegler, 5th Shoshoni High School – Natalee Goff.


High School  – Male

1stShoshoni High School – Casey Lagois, 2nd Sundance High School-Dillon Johnson , 3rd Shoshoni High School – Layne Watson, 4th Shoshoni High School – Linnan Dalton, 5th Sundance High School- Riley Keith.


“The National Archery in the Schools Program is a great way to get young folks interested in archery,” said Tasha Sorensen, hunter and angler recruitment coordinator for the Game and Fish. “The tournament format allows for a statewide competition that keeps costs low for both the schools and the Game and Fish.”

The NASP is in 48 states and five countries to teach international style target archery in physical education class fourth to 12th grades. Students shoot at 80-centimeter bull’s-eye targets using state-of-the art equipment designed to fit every student. For the tournament, archers shot 15 arrows at 10 meters and 15 arrows at 15 meters. The targets are a traditional 10-ring target with the center of the target being worth 10 points and the outer ring worth 1 point. The total score an individual archer can receive is 300 points. To see the archers individual and team scores visit the Game and Fish or the tournament website at

Wyoming’s NASP and Community Archery programs are supported by the Game and Fish. The department provides all educator training, certification, equipment grants, and loaner equipment at no cost to schools and community programs. Competing archers pay a $5 entry fee that is used to cover the cost of tournament shirts and awards. To get your school involved in the tournament please contact Sorensen at (307) 777-4536.

(contact Tasha Sorensen (307) 777-4546)