Spring Chinook Must Be Released on the Kalama River

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Spring Chinook Must Be Released on the Kalama RiverAction:  Kalama River anglers must release all spring chinook salmon.

Species affected:  Chinook salmon.

Effective dates: May 29 through July 31, 2012.

Location:  From the boundary markers at the mouth to the upper salmon hatchery. 

Reason for action:  Through May 18, six hatchery adult spring chinook have returned to Kalama Falls Hatchery, well below the hatchery broodstock goal of 390 fish.  The pre-season forecast anticipated a return of 700 adult spring chinook to the river system.

Other information:  Creel sampling surveys have shown light catches and there is no evidence of large numbers of fish holding in the river. Kalama hatchery returns will continue to be closely monitored.    

The lower Kalama remains open to the retention of hatchery steelhead.