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The Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) is currently stocking channel catfish in the four urban ponds. Floyd Lamb State Park, Lorenzi Park, Sunset Park, and the Boulder City pond are stocked once a month. They were last stocked June 18.

Catfish are stocked once each month from April until October. Rainbow trout stocking begins in November. "Water temperatures drive when we start stocking catfish in the urban ponds. Typically once the surface temperatures rise above 65 degrees, trout stocking ends and catfish begins," according to Clyde Parke, Lake Mead Hatchery Manager.

Catfish are purchased each year to stock Las Vegas area urban ponds. "We have to go out for bids and contract vendors to bring in the catfish," said Jon Sjoberg, supervising fisheries biologist. "The fact that the fish are brought in from out of state, along with other problems the vendor may experience in transporting the fish has often made it difficult to give a firm date when the urban ponds will be stocked," Sjoberg said.

For the next tentative stocking date or for more information on NDOW’s Urban Fishing program, call (702) 486-5127 ext. 3504.




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