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With the first human fatality in Massachusetts involving a moose/car collision this summer and the months of September and October representing the peak of the breeding season for Massachusetts’ growing moose population, motorists are reminded to be conscious of increased moose activity, especially during evening hours. Having no natural predators in Massachusetts and being protected by law from hunting, moose are unwary as they move through populated areas. During the mating season this indifference is magnified by the “tunnel-vision” created by the urge to reproduce.

“The possibility of a moose crossing a roadway in front of cars is much higher during the breeding season,” says MassWildlife’s Deer/Moose Project Leader Bill Woytek. In 2003 there have been 10 reported moose moose/car collisions, 1 moose destroyed for public safety and 2 moose immobilized and relocated. In 2002, there were 26 reported moose/vehicle accidents, the highest number on record. While moose can appear on virtually any roadway in the state, many are located in Worcester county. Be aware and heed the increasing number of “Moose Crossing” signs being erected by MassHighway. Motorists are advised to slow down and drive defensively should a moose be spotted on or by the road. All moose incidents should be reported to MassWildlife.

For more information, contact Bill Woytek, 508.792.7270 x121.



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