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With the antlerless deer permit drawing completed, deer hunters who applied for a permit should have received a notification card by mail. Hunters with yellow cards need to include a $5 fee when they return their card. Hunters with pink cards offering an alternative choice of zones to choose must make indicate their zone of choice. All cards must be returned to the Westboro Field Headquarters by September 3. This deadline will ensure permit arrival in hunters’ mail before deer season begins.

Over the counter permit sales will begin October 6 beginning at 8 AM – 4:30 PM on weekdays except Columbus Day. Permits will be sold at the following locations: MassWildlife District offices in Acton, Belchertown, Pittsfield, West Boylston and the Field Headquarters in Westboro. Due to long lines last year, permit sales in southeastern Massachusetts for the week of October 6-10 will be relocated to the larger venue of the Myles Standish State Forest Interpretive Center in Carver. Beginning October 14, permit sales will end at Myles Standish and resume at the MassWildlife Bourne office. Deer hunters who did not participate in the drawing as well as those who received a permit through the drawing are eligible to purchase an antlerless permit for any Deer Management Zone (DMZ) available.

A change in permit sales has been instituted this year. Hunters may only purchase one permit/DMZ. A second permit for the same zone cannot occur until the first permit is used to tag an antlerless deer. The only exceptions are permit purchases for DMZ 10, 13 and 14. For Zone 10, hunters may purchase 1 permit/day, for Zones 13 and 14, hunters may purchase 2 permits/day. Hunters who received a permit through the drawing that may also purchase one additional permit over the counter for the zone in which they received a permit. MassWildlife reminds all deer hunters that in order to harvest an antlerless deer during any deer season, the hunter must have an antlerless permit in possession.

For more information, contact Lori Cookman at 508/792-7270 x141.



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Division of Marine Fisheries topics, contact Dan McKiernan at
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