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Weekly Fishing Report

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Keith Stephens (501) 223-6342, e-mail:

This is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's fishing report for Sept. 3, 2003.

Fishing Tip: Have you ever wanted to use a tube bait with an attractant only to have it trail off and not stick to the bait? Try cutting strips of a sponge and pre-soaking in your favorite attractant, insert them into the tube. To make sure they stay, add a few small drops of super glue. They will stay in place for a long day of fishing and if you need more attractant just add directly to the sponge.


Lake Conway: Bates Field and Stream said crappie are 5 to six feet deep around the cypress trees. Bream fishing is good with Danamax jigs, worms or crickets. Bass fishing is slow, although a few are being caught in the early morning and late afternoon with topwater baits and during the day with plastic worms. A few catfish are being caught with live bream or trotline minnows.

Little Red River: Lindsey's Rainbow Resort said there is a little water being generated in the afternoons. Fishing is excellent using wax worms with marshmallows or chartreuse Power Eggs. The best artificial baits are the Little Cleo, Roostertail or little Maribou jigs. Fly fishermen are using number 14 sow bugs, number 16 black ant or Woolly Buggers.

Greers Ferry: Shiloh Marina said white and hybrid bass are hitting CC Spoons in the late afternoon. Kentucky bass are beginning to school.

Harris Brake Lake: Coffee Creek Landing said bream fishing is good with crickets or worms. Crappie fishing is good on the northeast side of the lake using minnows and jigs. Bass are on the northeast side of the lake in the grass hitting spinner baits. Catfishing is good with nightcrawlers.

Lake Overcup: Lakeview Landing said bream are hitting crickets. Bass are hitting crickets and topwater baits. Crappie fishing is good in the deeper water using minnows. Catfishing is slow.

Cadron Creek: Wooster Grocery said the crappie are hitting minnows.

Beaverfork Lake: Wooster Grocery said bream fishing is fair using worms or crickets. Crappie are hitting minnows.

Brewer Lake: Wooster Grocery said crappie are hitting minnows.

Toad Suck Lock and Dam: Bates Field and Stream said largemouth bass and Kentucky bass are being caught on the river using Bandits, buzz baits, crank baits and red shad worms.

Little Maumelle River: River Valley Bait said the river is muddy. Bream fishing is poor. A few bass are being caught on spinner baits or with minnows. Catfish are still hitting just about anything.

Lake Maumelle: Jolly Roger's Marina said black bass fishing is fair to good from the weeds to 20 feet deep on worms and jigs during the day and plastic Zoom worms or lizards or spinner baits after dark on fast drop-offs and near structure. Kentucky bass fishing is good 10 to 20 feet deep around structure using small jigs and worms. White bass fishing is excellent in front of the marina to Big Island and west from Reese Creek to the Chimney. Whites are in schools chasing small shad and are being caught at sunrise until about 8 a.m. and from 6 p.m. until dark on black and white H & H spinners, CC Spoons and Near Nuthin's right on the surface. They are also hitting Rogues, white Roostertails and Road Runners. Catfishing is good in deeper water using large minnows or prepared baits. Crappie fishing is fair 20 to 25 feet deep around structure with minnows and assorted colored jigs. Bream fishing is excellent in deep water with crickets.

Arkansas River: Charley's Hidden Harbor near Oppelo said white bass are hitting Lil' Georges at the jetty tips. Blacks and Kentuckys are being caught with wobble spoons over jetties that are two to four feet under water. Bream fishing is good with black Roostertails on the down side of the jetties. Crappie fishing is slow but a few are being caught mainly in the mouth of the creeks and back side of the jetties with live minnows. Stripers are mixed in with the whites on jetty tips but some nice ones are being caught below the dam on 1 ounce casting spoons. Catfish are 20 to 30 feet deep and are being caught drift fishing in the main channel with skip jack cut in strips inch wide and three inches long.


White River: Gaston's White River Resort said fishing is good using wax worms, red worms, nightcrawlers and chartreuse or florescent yellow Power Bait. Bouyant Spoons, Mepps spinners, Roostertails and 1/16th ounce brown Maribou jigs are working well also. Fly fishermen are having the best luck using sow bugs, tan scuds and olive green Woolly Buggers. Wilderness Trail said trout fishing on the White River has been good with Berkley Power Eggs in yellow, purple, chartreuse, rainbow or chartreuse Nuggets and Berkley's Earthworm. Buoyant spoons, Roostertails and Blue Fox are working best when there is some generation. The fly fishermen have been doing well on olive Woolly Buggers, gray sow bugs and gray or olive scuds. Browns are being caught on suspending rogues, Rebel brown trout jointed floaters, Flat Fish and nightcrawlers.

North Fork River: Fly-fishing guide John Gulley said the river is low for about half the day. Fly fishermen are catching a lot of fish using gray or olive Midge patterns in size 18 to 26 and Woolly Buggers size eight to 12 in the morning and Sow Bugs and size 14 to 18 Scuds later in the day. The best lures for spin fishing on the low water are spinner baits, some spoons and olive, brown or white jigs. The best bait for the bait fishermen has been nightcrawlers, crawdad tails, corn and Power Bait.

Bull Shoals Lake: Lead Hill Boat Dock, Inc. said bass are hitting crawdads on the flats. Wilderness Trail said the lake level is at 649.76 feet and the lake temperature remains around 86 to 87 degrees. The thermocline is at 36 feet. Crappie continue to hit crappie minnows, Swimming Minnows and spoons in the mornings and throughout the night along the bluff walls and around deep brush piles in the creeks. The slab crappies can be found in 28 to 38 feet of water. Largemouth bass in some areas of the lake are pushing shad to the top in the mornings and are hitting Pop R's, Zara Spooks and Lucky Craft Sammy's. Carolina rigs with lizards or brush hogs and ounce jig and pigs are working during the day off main lake points and watersheds in the creeks. Smallmouth bass fishing is best at night, but the early morning bite is fair on main lake chunk rock points and channel swing ends using tube baits in appleseed or Crooked Creek 87S or Spider Jigs in green pumpkin or gourd green and watermelon grubs. Kentucky bass are hitting spoons off the deep side of the main lake points and along channel swings. Use white or gray spoons on sunny days and gold or silver on cloudy days. A few Kentucky bass are pushing shad to the top during the day. Pop R's and Spit'n Image top water baits are triggering the frenzy feeders. Long liners are catching walleye in 30 to 40 feet of water off feeding flats and pea rock points with Wally Drivers and Reef Runners. Walleye in the three to seven pound range are being caught on spoons vertically fished over flats and on the deep side of main lake points. Night fishing for smallmouth bass has picked up this week around brush piles and chunk rock points using Spider Jigs or tube baits. A few largemouth are being caught from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. with jig and pigs and Texas rigged worms.

Lake Norfork: Cranfield Junction Quik Stop said bream fishing is good 20 to 25 feet deep with worms or crickets. Crappie are hitting minnows fished under lights at night. A few stripers are being picked up trolling with Roadrunners. Bass fishing is slow, but best at night using plastic worms or jigs. Jug fishing for catfish is fair using live or cut bait. Walleye are 35 to 45 feet deep using jigging spoons.


Beaver Lake: Southtown Sporting Goods said crappie are still being caught trolling with Hot'n Tots. Bream fishing is very good using crickets. Bass fishing is good in the morning and afternoon using topwater baits and at night with spinner baits and plastics. Catfishing is excellent using cut bait or live bait.

Lake Fayetteville: Lake Fayetteville Boat Dock said water temperature is still in the 80s and the bluegill are eight to 12 feet deep hitting crickets. Largemouth bass are being caught at different depths on assorted lures. Catfish are hitting chicken liver fished on the bottom. A fisherman over the weekend caught two large blue cats. One weighed 50 pounds and the other one 58 pounds.

Lake Sequoyah: Lake Sequoyah Boat Dock said crappie fishing is slow with minnows or jigs. Bass fishing is fair using crank baits or buzz baits. Bream fishing is good using worms or crickets. Catfishing is starting to pick up a little using chicken liver or shad.

Beaver Tailwaters: Beaver Dam Store says bass fishing is best in the mornings on seven to 10 inch worms in red shad or black colors. Catfishing is good on perch, goldfish or shad sides. Trout are hitting wax worms on Bubblegum Power Bait. Crickets fished under a clear cork or Carolina rig with a miniature marshmallows are also catching some good trout. Artificial baits working best are brown, ginger or olive Micro jig fished about 24 inches deep. The best spots were between the boat ramp and the first campground and Bertrand access above the Spider Creek hole. Fly fishermen are reporting the best luck with the Zebra midge or the Diamond midge size 16 to 20, size 18 to 22 Griffith's Gnat or Brown Micro jigs 30 to 48 inches under an indicator on 6X tippet. Size 16 tan Scuds or size 10 Bead Head White Woolly Buggers are excellent flies for early morning or late afternoon fishing.

Kings River: Kings River Outfitters said the river is up and floatable again. Beaver Dam Store said smallmouth bass are hitting waterlmelon seed colored tube jigs. Bumblebee popping bugs are great for fly fishing.


White River: Local fisherman Jeff Moore said the White River at Guion has had some good fishing. The high water conditions have caused the bass to move to the mouth of the creeks where the warm and cold water mix. These areas are producing good numbers and quality fish. Both smallmouth and largemouth can be found together in these areas. Early morning and late afternoon topwaters and jerkbaits are effective. The usual crawdad Gitzits, dark colored Hula Grubs and sinkos are producing fish throughout the day. This pattern is true from Guion to Lock #1. Trout fishing in the Guion area is also good. Drift fishing gold blade spinners with chartreuse and yellow Power Eggs is producing some nice stringers of rainbows. The areas around wing dams and gravel shoals appear to be where the fish are concentrating. Walleye fishing in the Lock #2 area is slow but continues to produce some fish. Trolling crawdad colored crank baits and fishing small jigs continues to work well. Walleye are also being caught with pink and white Roadrunners tipped with fathead minnows or trolling chartreuse and crawdad colored crank baits from Lock #1 down. Whites and hybrids are being caught on shoals and eddies with minnows and white ounce jigs. Bream fishing in the creeks is good using worms or crickets.

Lake Charles: Powhatan Landing said crappie are hitting minnows. Bream are hitting crickets. Catfish are being caught on trotlines baited with rice slicks or goldfish.

Black River: Powhatan Landing said the river is rising and bass are hitting large minnows. Catfish are hitting rice slicks and goldfish.

Spring River: Many Islands Camp said trout are hitting nightcrawlers and marshmallows.

Current River: Fish and Game Guaranteed Guide Service said the river is floatable. Bass are hitting spinners, stick baits and tube jigs adjacent to weed beds and in the river shoals.


Lake Enterprise: Fred's Sport Shop said bream fishing is picking up using worms or crickets. Bass fishing is fair to good.

Lake Chicot: Koenig's Bass Tracker Marine said bass fishing is good with topwater baits. Catfishing is good using liver.

Grand Lake: Koenig's Bass Tracker Marine said crappie fishing is good trolling minnows or jigs. Catfish are being caught on limb lines baited with worms and liver.

Mississippi River: Koenig's Bass Tracker Marine said catfishing is excellent using worms or liver.


Millwood Lake: Millwood Lake Guide Service said the water temperature is 82 to 88 degrees and the lake level is 259.44 feet. The best periods for largemouth bass remains in the early morning hours and late afternoons. Bass fishing is fair using buzz baits, top water rats, crank baits, Carolina rigs and Bass Assassins around hydrilla and lily pads next to deeper water close to Little River. DD-22 or Norman DLN cranks in suncraw or light colored shad patterns are still taking solid keepers later in the day after the topwater bite is over. A few larger bass in the three to four pound range have been caught on black and blue jigs or hawg tubes or Carolina rigs with sour grape or grasshopper colored brush hogs or lizards eight to 10 feet deep around cypress trees. White or sour grape Zoom trick worms with no weight, rigged wacky style, are working randomly around grass and pads along edges of the river. Try a Heddon Zara Mouse in white or white/chartreuse, with rattles, around pads, close to deeper water or a Moss Boss in white with a white worm trailer. Several nice, three to five pound bass have been wrestled out of the pads, in the shallow water, but near deep drop-offs, early in the morning. Bream are biting crickets and red worms off the banks around Jack's Isle and the State Park. Blue cats are being caught on trotlines baited with chicken livers and cut bait 10 to 12 feet deep along the river in current. Some nice catfish are also being caught under the cypress trees on yoyos baited with catalpa worms. Crappie fishing is still slow, but improving 10 to 11 feet deep in front of Pugh Slough in the outside river bend using jigs and shiners.

Lake Columbia: Steve's Marine said a few crappie are still being caught in the early morning, but the best fishing is at night under lights using minnows or jigs. Bream fishing is fair with crickets. Catfishing is best on trotlines or jugs baited using stink bait or live bait.

Lake Erling: Steve's Marine said bream fishing is fair using crickets. Crappie are being caught with minnows or jigs. Catfish are being caught on trotlines or jugs with live bait or stink bait. Bass fishing is picking up.

Lake Greeson: Lakeside Grocery, Motel/Bait Shop said the lake is rising. Bream and crappie fishing is slow. Stripers are starting to break. Bass fishing is fair with plastic worms or topwater baits. Catfishing is fair with nightcrawlers or minnows.

DeGray Lake: Iron Mountain Marina said bream are in water up to 18 feet deep hitting crickets. Crappie are 18 to 25 feet deep over brush piles hitting crappie jigs and minnows. Hybrids are breaking in the early morning and late afternoon. Largemouth bass fishing is slow with a few being caught on Texas rigged worms in 18 to 25 feet of water off the main points and humps. Largemouth and spotted bass are schooling in the early morning and late afternoon and hitting Rooster Tails, Super Flukes and Zara Spooks. Catfish can be found off the end of docks and are hitting nightcrawlers.

Little Missouri River: Fly-fishing guide Jeff Guerin said Griffith's Gnats have been working well as has a Killer Cahill Emerger. The water temperature has been around 59 degrees a little overcast with a thin layer of very low clouds. Fish have been pretty active, although not feeding very heavily, but at least on the move. Of course, they'll move back to their deep holes and hangouts as soon as the water is up. Once the generation pattern stabilizes, the Light Cahills will start hatching, the hoppers will start getting where they can get eaten, and the trout will be able to feed normally and maybe start putting on their winter weight.

Lake Wilhelmina: Rocky Store said largemouth bass are hitting minnows in the deeper parts of the lake. Catfish are in the coves in the evening hitting nightcrawlers and chicken liver. Bream are hitting crickets.


Lake Dardanelle: Early Bird Outfitters said a few crappie are being caught using minnows and assorted jigs. Bream fishing is good with crickets. Catfish are hitting stink bait and cut bait.

Ozark Pool: Lakeside Food Mart said bream fishing is good using crickets. A few crappie are being picked up trolling with Rattletraps. Black bass are hitting crank baits and spinners. Catfish are being caught using cut shad.

Lake Ouachita: Mountain Harbor Resort said largemouth bass fishing is still slow, but a few can still be caught on redbug, watermelon, watermelon red and bloodline colored brush hogs, lizards or U-tail worms. Spotted bass are starting to bite live crawfish on brush piles 20 to 25 feet deep. Walleye are slow with most being caught on deep diving silver and black rouges on moss humps 15 to 20 feet deep or jigging silver spoons in deeper water. Stripers are slow on shad and brood minnows around Point 3 and the dam. Large white or gray jigs and CC Spoons will also produce some fish in deep water. Bream fishing is good with crickets or worms 20 to 25 feet deep on the main lake points and in the coves. Catfishing is good with nightcrawlers, stink bait or live minnows.

Lake Catherine: Dozhier's Bait Shop and Rainbow Landing said stripers and hybrids continue to hold between the dam and Thunderbird Beach. The 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. generation pattern has shad holding below the dam and these bass are feeding most of the day. Red Fins, large spooks and white or black jigs are working well, however live shad is always the best bait. Bass are deep, holding in 20 to 25 feet of water and being taken using bottom jigs and slow-rolled spinner baits. Bream are deep and hitting crickets and red worms. A few walleye continue to be taken directly below the dam using crank baits.

Lake Hamilton: Dozhier's Bait Shop and Rainbow Landing said bass are schooling in the early mornings off the east end of Big Goat Island and around Rabbit Island. The breaking fish are taking topwater lures and silver spoons. During the day, the fish move deep, around 20 feet or so and are being taken using spoons and spinner baits. Catfish are a bit slow with most of the action in deep water, around 15 to 20 feet, using whole dead shad. Bream are being found around docks and boat house and going for crickets and red worms. There is a little crappie action being reported with the fish coming out of 20 feet of water around docks and established brush piles.

Lake Hinkle: Bill's Bait Shop said a few crappie and bass are being caught using minnows or worms. Catfish are hitting perch and large shiners on trotlines.


Maddox Bay: Maddox Bay Landing said bream fishing is good with crickets. Crappie are about 15 feet deep out from the bank and hitting minnows. Bass are hitting spinner baits. Catfish are hitting worms and stink bait.

Midway Lake: Ed's Boat Camp said bream fishing is good with crickets. Bass fishing is good using spinner baits.

Bear Creek Lake: Six Rivers Bait Shop said lots of bream are being caught on crickets, but they are mostly small ones.

Cow Bayou: Six Rivers Bait Shop said crappie are hitting minnows.

Whitehall Lake: Six Rivers Bait Shop said crappie fishing is good with minnows. Bream are hitting crickets.

Mississippi River: Six Rivers Bait Shop said catfishing is very good using rice slicks or skip jack.

Lower St. Francis River: Six Rivers Bait Shop said catfishing is very good using rice slicks or skip jack.

Horseshoe Lake: Local fishermen Clyde Gregory said bream fishing is fair with crickets. Crappie are six feet deep around the edges of the lily pads and are hitting minnows and jigs. Bass fishing is poor, but a few are being caught around the cypress trees with spinner baits. Catfish are hitting spinner baits, cut bait and stink bait.


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