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SEPTEMBER  03, 2003

HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania Game Commission today reminded hunters to be patient while waiting for their antlerless deer license applications to be filled by county treasurers.

Concern about the new licensing process began to increase in the past week when some hunters who applied for licenses in a Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) received them and others did not. But the uneven delivery of licenses to hunters is a product of the new antlerless license issuance system.

"In previous years, all hunters who applied to a county typically received their licenses at the same time, because one county treasurer handled all of the applications," explained Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross. "This year, because licenses for WMUs are being distributed by treasurers from four or more counties, some hunters have already received their antlerless licenses and others are waiting.

"County treasurers have until Sept. 15 to mail antlerless licenses to hunters and until Oct. 1 to mail first and second round unsold licenses. The reasons vary as to why some county treasurers process applications quicker than others. It can range from manpower and limited licenses to process to some that wait for checks to clear. But the bottom line is that there's no reason to worry if you have not yet received your antlerless license. And, remember, it may be a couple more weeks until you do."

Hunters are reminded that they can check the status of their application if they paid with a personal check by reviewing their bank account. If a hunter's check has cleared, he or she will receive a license.

As of Sept. 2, 10 Wildlife Management Units had sold their entire allocation of licenses and two others had less than 500 licenses remaining.

"We anticipate another three or four WMUs could close this week," said Carl Roe, Game Commission Bureau of Administrative Services director. "If your application is returned and stamped 'Box Closed,' it means that the Game Commission is no longer accepting applications for the WMU that you applied to because the allocation for that WMU has been exhausted."

In addition, of the 973,000 antlerless deer licenses originally allocated to county treasurers, 93,071 licenses remained as of Sept. 2. Following is a listing of the antlerless deer licenses available by WMU (along with the initial allocation for each WMU): WMU 1A, 2,404 (44,000); WMU 2A, 6,401 (45,000); WMU 2B, 21,758 (45,000); WMU 2E, 474 (29,000); WMU 3B, 1,851 (45,000); WMU 3D, 6,518 (50,000); WMU 4C, 88 (46,000); WMU 4E, 2,846 (38,000); WMU 5A, 6,136 (28,000); WMU 5B, 12,365 (60,000); WMU 5C, 18,776 (66,000); and WMU 5D, 13,454 (20,000).

Those WMUs sold out include: WMU 1B; WMU 2C; WMU 2D; WMU 2F; WMU 2G; WMU 3A; WMU 3C; WMU 4A; WMU 4B; and WMU 4D.

Hunters are reminded to double-check that they have selected the appropriate pre-printed mailing label for the WMU they are interested in hunting. In addition, make sure that you make your check or money order payable to "County Treasurer." Some hunters have had applications refused for inadequate postage and placed in a "Dead Letter File." Hunters can check to see if their application is in the agency's Dead Letter File by calling the License Division toll-free at 1-877-331-GAME (1-877-331-4263) during business hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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