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Lake Powell fishing forecast

It has been a banner year for fishing from Halls to Hite. The rest of the lake has had its moments but midlake Colorado river arm angling success for stripers has been the best.

Look for that to continue. Halls is the destination of choice now that access is difficult at Bullfrog and not possible at Hite.

Here is what to expect for the Fall season. Shad numbers are at record highs from Bullfrog to White Canyon. Stripers can feed anywhere in this stretch. They prefer to trap shad against the surface when possible so striper boils will continue through September and into October. Boils will be consistently found in morning and evening twilight but can happen at any random time throughout the day. Stripers will move up and down the lake boiling at one location and then being found a mile or two away the next trip. Cruise the channel early and late to find the center of activity.

Unseasonably warm temperatures will prolong the surface action well into October. Bass have been feeding and growing over summer. Catching success will increase as water cools in the fall. Surface action will be strong for bass in September–October as will fishing success on soft and hard plastic baits.

Find coves with shad to ensure fishing success for both stripers and bass. Predators follow the forage and are easy game. Find shad and the catch rate soars. Sometimes birds diving or perched on the shoreline tip off shad location. Shad can be seen in shallow water in the backs of coves after a striper attack. Other times they will dimple the surface while feeding. Be observant to pick the right fishing spot.

From Wahweap to the San Juan fishing success will improve as water cools. There are plenty of bass to be caught in this stretch in late September. Some stripers have migrated uplake to the plentiful feeding pastures, but many remain. These will boil randomly at widespread locations as water cools.

This Fall will feature excellent fishing for larger bass and strong, fat stripers. Catch rate will be less than during years when shad are few and fish are skinny. Fish quality will be the best seen in many years. All things considered a Fall fishing trip to Powell is recommended




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