“Freezing To Death On A Sunny Day” is possible if you are a victim of hypothermia. It is also the title of a new brochure available free of charge from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The brochure provides detailed information on hypothermia, what it is, what causes it, signs and symptoms and how to avoid it. Among the important tips shared in the booklet:

*  Dress in layers.

*  Set your thermostat to at least 70 degrees in cold weather. (Yes, the elderly are at risk for hypothermia -- even indoors.)

*  Keep nutritious food and warm clothes and blankets on hand to ward off extreme chills.

*  Never offer alcohol. It is a vasodilator that will increase peripheral heat loss.

Sponsored by Northwestern Energy and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, this brochure is available from all FWP region offices or by calling 406-444-2615.