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Jerome, ID


Date: September 4, 2003
Contact: Kelton Hatch
(208) 324-4359

Hunting season heats up

JEROME - The bull elk's scream cuts the morning silence as the hunter lies in wait. His heart races as the bull moves into sight and he slowly draws his bow.

In another drainage, the crack of the shotgun resonates through the trees. The stream is silenced for a moment as the ruffed grouse bust from its grassy cover from under the nose of a trembling dog. Feathers follow the birds decent as the dog rushes in to retrieve the quarry.

With hunting season upon us, sportsmen have returned to the mountains, the wooded valleys and the deserts in pursuit of game throughout the Magic Valley and most of the state.

Currently hunters can pursue deer, elk and antelope with their bows; forest grouse with nearly any weapon and doves with a shotgun. Dove hunters need the Federal Migratory Game validation on their license.

Within the next few weeks several other hunting opportunities will be opening. Here is a list of season openers:

Game birds

bulletBobwhite and California quail - Sept. 20 through Dec. 31
bulletTurkey - Sept. 15 through mid or late October
bulletSage Grouse - Sept. 20 and closes Sept. 26 in Area 2 and Oct. 12 in Area 3
bulletChukar and gray partridge - Sept. 20 through Jan. 15
bulletSharp-tailed Grouse - Oct. 1 through Oct. 31
bulletPheasants - Oct. 18 and goes until Nov. 30 in Area 2 and to Dec. 31 in Area 3
bulletForest Grouse - Is open and closes Dec. 31
bulletDove - Open until Sept. 30

Big game
Elk and deer have a variety of openers. In most of southern Idaho, deer seasons open Oct. 5 and close Oct. 19 or 31. Elk seasons and openers vary from Zone to Zone with most ending in early or late November.

For more information check the hunting regulations for more details on the hunting seasons or call the Magic Valley Regional Fish and Game Office, at 324-4359.




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