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Maryland Deer Archery Season Opens September 15

ANNAPOLIS, MD (September 5, 2003) óMarylandís Deer Archery season opens Sept. 15 and continues through Jan. 31, 2004.

Marylandís archery season contains two new elements this year. Legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly allows archery deer hunters to hunt white-tailed deer and sika deer on the first Sunday in November, (Nov. 3). On this day, archery deer hunters can hunt only on private property within the following counties: Allegany, Calvert, Caroline, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Garrett, Kent, Queen Anneís, St. Maryís, Talbot and Washington.

Opportunities for white-tailed deer and sika deer hunting using crossbows have also been expanded this deer. Crossbows are legal to hunt deer during the archery season on the following dates: Oct. 1-15, 2003 and Jan. 15-31, 2004.

Bow hunters spend an average of 555,000 days across Marylandís varied landscapes enjoying the brilliant colored autumn foliage while pursuing white-tailed deer and sika deer. Last year, over 50,000 Marylanders and over 7,200 nonresidents purchased Bow Stamps, which allow hunters to hunt deer with archery equipment.

Crossbows are now permissible for all hunters during the firearm and muzzleloader seasons. All bow hunters including crossbow hunters must purchase a Muzzleloader Stamp in order to hunt with a crossbow during the muzzleloader seasons. Disabled hunters who want to use a crossbow during any other time must still possess a special crossbow permit. Any hunter who is 65 years of age or older or possesses a Resident Senior hunting license may use a crossbow to hunt deer during all Maryland hunting seasons.

Crossbow hunters and vertical bow (straight limb, recurve, compound) hunters must possess a Bow Stamp with a valid hunting license in order to hunt deer during Marylandís Bow Season. Any deer taken with a crossbow will count toward the hunterís appropriate Regional Bow Bag Limit.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) uses four Deer Management Regions in order to scientifically manage deer resources. DNR employs independent bag limits for each region. Deer hunting is an essential element of wildlife science as well as a traditional outdoor recreational experience.

Hunters are reminded that deer must be checked into a DNR Official Deer & Turkey Checking Station either within the county of harvest or of an adjacent county no later than 24 hours after the kill. Deer taken with a straight limb bow, recurve bow or compound bow will be registered as taken with a vertical bow. Deer taken with a crossbow will be registered as taken with a crossbow. This will allow DNR biologists to accurately determine the influence of crossbows on Marylandís deer management.

Marylandís bow deer hunters took 19,088 deer in 2002. The 10 leading counties for the 2002 bow harvest were: Baltimore (2,087); Frederick (1,534); Allegany (1,512); Garrett (1,499); Washington (1,493); Montgomery (1,151); Carroll (1,030); Howard (1,027); Kent (725); Anne Arundel (704).

Maryland deer hunters contribute millions to Marylandís economy. They make $82.3 million in retail purchases related to deer hunting. This is over 50 percent of all hunting retail sales ($161 million) conducted in Maryland. Hunting visitors to Maryland from surrounding states make $25.7 million in retail sales.

Complete bag limits, season dates and bow hunting regulations can be found at the DNR website, The Hunting & Trapping In Maryland 2003-2004 guide, issued with each hunting license, also contains detailed information about all of Marylandís hunting seasons.




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