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4th Deer Lottery Held; 1st Come, 1st Served App's Available Sept. 15

All four antlerless deer gun lotteries have been held and licenses were mailed to successful recipients Sept. 3, a month earlier than last year, according to Jerry Gulke, data processing coordinator for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Hunters receiving second, third or fourth deer gun licenses can use them with a bow immediately, Gulke said. "Hunters with those leftover doe licenses can use them during the archery season, as long as hunters stay in the unit to which the license is assigned," he said.

In addition, those licenses can be used during the deer gun season with a bow, rifle, or muzzle-loader; or during the muzzle-loader season with a muzzle-loader. Again, these licenses must be used for antlerless deer only, and hunters must stay in the unit to which the license is assigned.

"We wanted to move the entire deer lottery process up so we could get these licenses out to hunters early," Gulke said, "specifically to bow hunters so they could use them early in the bow season.

"We weren't real sure how well it would work, and we did have some problems," Gulke continued. "But our licensing staff did an excellent job keying all the applications and we are pleased with the end result. This is one of those situations where everyone wins."

More than 10,200 deer gun licenses are still available. First come, first serve applications will be available for these licenses Sept. 15, and the department will begin processing applications that week. Residents and nonresidents are eligible to apply.

Twenty units have antlerless licenses available as first, second, third or fourth licenses.

Interested hunters may apply online, or print out an application for mailing, at the department's internet web site, Applications will also be available at all county auditor offices, license vendors and game and fish offices. Hand delivered applications will not be processed at the department while the applicant waits.

The regular deer gun season begins at noon Nov. 7 and continues through Nov. 23.

Licenses Available (B = Any Antlerless; D = Antlerless Whitetail)

Deer Licenses Available
# Available
B 790
2B (early)
B 230
2B (late)
B 60
B 760
B 350
B 1520
B 360
B 600
B 250
B 1170
B 850
B 1090
B 280
B 74
D 195
D 270
3C (early)
D 110
3C (late)
D 63
D 68
D 510
D 290
D 350





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