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News Release


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
South Central Region Headquarters - Madison
3911 Fish Hatchery Rd Fitchburg, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 275-3266 TDD: (608) 275-3231

For Release: September 10, 2003

Contact(s): Joe Vande Hey, Superintendent, Wilson Nursery, Boscobel: 608-647-4563

DNR Buying Tree Seeds: Earn Money And Help Reforest Wisconsin

BOSCOBEL – Once again, the Department of Natural Resources will be buying tree seeds this Fall to grow into seedlings used for reforestation projects throughout Wisconsin on private and public lands.

DNR foresters prefer that seed be collected from trees that are healthy and have good timber qualities, such as a straight trunk and few lower limbs so their genetic characteristics are carried into future forests.

“Be sure that seeds are clean and free of branches, leaves and stems when brought to the buying station,” said Joe Vande Hey, superintendent of the Wilson State Nursery, Boscobel, who noted that the bulk of DNR’s seed buying is taking place right now.

Other collecting tips include:

bulletButternut must have the husk attached.
bulletAcorns should be without caps.
bulletAcorns that fall from the tree with their caps on are generally wormy or have been cut by squirrels prematurely.
bulletIt’s expected that some conifer and hardwood seed, such as white pine and butternut, will be sticky and dirty.

“Make sure you call ahead to make sure the State Nursery Program has not met its quota for a particular seed and is still buying the species you plan on picking,” cautioned Mr. Vande Hey.

Species that DNR is looking to buy this fall are: hemlock, jack pine, red pine, white pine, black ash, basswood, butternut, shagbark hickory, red oak, swamp white oak, white oak, walnut (only at Boscobel and Lancaster), and red osier dogwood.

Buying stations and contacts are listed below and all purchase seeds by appointment only except for the Wilson State Nursery and at Lancaster.

Baraboo – Forestry Office, Rick Livingston or Paul Stearns at 608/355-4475.
Boscobel – Wilson Nursery, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Linda Evans at 608/375-4123.
Darlington – USDA Office, Matt Singer at 608/776-3-64.
Fitchburg – Nevin Fish Hatchery, Steve Holaday at 608/275-3234.
Horicon – DNR Service Center, Randy Stampfl at 920/387-7884.
Lancaster – Youth & Ag Building, Monday and Thursday, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., starting Sept. 22 until walnut quota met, 608/375-4123.
Richland Center – NRCS Office, Aaron Young at 608/647-4566
Sturtevant – DNR Service Center, Randy Cooper at 262-/884-2390




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