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September 11, 2003


SPRINGFIELD, ILL. - A total of 59 Illinois rural fire protection districts and fire departments will share in $302,544 in matching grant funds through the federal Volunteer Fire Assistance grant program, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Joel Brunsvold announced today.

"These grants provide critical funding to local firefighters in smaller communities and rural areas in Illinois to assist them in saving lives and protecting property," Brunsvold said. "Through these dollars local fire departments are able to acquire new equipment, provide training and better serve their communities."

The grants reimburse 50 percent of the recipientís cost for acquiring firefighting equipment and to provide training for local firefighters. Grant recipients must make the initial financial outlay for the projects before being reimbursed.

The U.S. Forest Service grant program is administered in Illinois by the Department of Natural Resources.

A list of grant recipients is below.

2003 Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program Awards - Illinois

Ashland Volunteer Fire Department, Ashland, Cass County, $1,535. (Contact: Jeff Donnan, 217/476-3354)

Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department, Atlanta, Logan County, $3,346. (Contact: Roger Armstrong, 217/648-5432)

Bellmont Volunteer Fire Protection District, Bellmont, Wabash County, $4,591. (Contact: Ross S. Madden, 618/298-2178)

Brown County Fire Protection District, Mt. Sterling, Brown County, $4,900. (Contact: Brian J. Gallaher, 217/773-2113)

Carlinville Fire Department, Carlinville, Macoupin County, $9,179. (Contact: Bill Healy, 217/854-4076)

Carlock Fire Protection District, Carlock, McLean County, $7,932. (Contact: Greg Mohr, 309/376-3473)

Central Adams County Fire Protection District, Coatsburg, Adams County, $9,498. (Contact: Danny Lichtsinn, 217/334-5247)

Coal Valley Fire Protection District, Coal Valley, Rock Island County, $7,840. (Contact: William A. Nabb, 309/799-5942)

Congerville Rural Fire Protection District, Congerville, Woodford County, $9,500. (Contact: Kevin Wiegand, 309/448-2661)

DuQuoin Fire Department, 30 South Division Street, DuQuoin, Perry County, $7,640. (Contact: Richard Fronek, 618/542-5600)

Elizabeth Community Fire Protection District, Elizabeth, JoDaviess County, $9,500. (Contact: Shawn R. Buck, Administrator, 815/858-3612)

Eureka Goodfield Fire Protection District, Eureka, Woodford County, $5,000. (Contact: Chris Shoemaker, 309/467-6181)

Fayetteville Fire Department, Fayetteville, St. Clair County, $8,000. (Contact: Randy Lay, 618/407-7431)

Gifford Fire Protection District, 103 N. Main, Box 164, Gifford, Champaign County, $5,925. (Contact: Richard McFadden, 217/568-7112)

Ladd Fire Protection District, Ladd, Bureau County, $1,018. (Contact: Dan Englehaupt, 815/894-3592)

Lebanon Emerald/Mound Fire Department, Lebanon, St. Clair County, $2,925. (Contact: Joe Hogg, 618/632-2414)

Lee Community Fire Protection District, Lee, Lee County, $5,200. (Contact: Donald K. Jarman, 815/824-8405)

Leonore Volunteer Fire Department, Leonore, LaSalle County, $2,783. (Contact: Martin J. Wiesbrock, 815/856-2814)

Liberty Fire Protection District, Liberty, Adams County, $4,700. (Contact: Jim Elliott, 217/645-3033)

Lincoln Fire Protection District, Charleston, Coles County, $6,335. (Contact: Mike Linder, 217/345-6695)

Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District, Lincoln, Logan County, $1,750. (Contact: Robert E. Thomas, 217/732-6697)

Maeystown Fire Protection District, Maeystown, Monroe County, $979. (Contact: Lynden Prange, 618/458-6560)

McNabb Fire Protection District, McNabb, Putnam County, $6,730. (Contact: Jacob Baele, 815/882-2192)

Mid-Piatt Fire Protection District, Monticello, Piatt County, $9,500. (Contact: Alfred Beitelman, 217/762-2016)

Middletown Fire Department, Middletown, Logan County, $2,725. (Contact: Bill Becker, 217/445-2767)

Montrose Fire Protection District, Montrose, Effingham, Cumberland and Jasper counties, $6,743. (Contact: Dennis Fletcher, 217/924-4200)

Mt. Zion Fire Protection District, Mt. Zion, Macon County, $4,630. (Contact: Donald C. Wright, 217/864-2081)

Mulberry Grove Fire Protection District, Mulberry Grove, Bond County, $7,635. (Contact: Dwight Volkmar, 618/326-8815)

Nauvoo Fire Protection District, Nauvoo, Hancock County, $4,096. (Contact: David Poland, 217/453-6405)

New Haven Fire Department, New Haven, Gallatin County, $2,500. (Contact: D.J. McGuire, 618/272-3551)

Nokomis Fire Department, Nokomis, Montgomery County, $4,500. (Contact: Monte Epley, 217/563-2514)

Papineau Fire Protection District, Papineau, Iroquois County, $4,450. (Contact: Dale Emerson, 815/428-7465)

Pickneyville Rural Fire Protection District, Pinckneyville, Perry County, $9,500. (Contact: Jerry M. Smith, 618/357-2281)

Point Fire Protection District, Brussels, Calhoun County, $5,208. (Contact: Don Seiferman, 618/883-2464)

Prairie Du Rocher Volunteer Fire Department, Prairie du Rocher, Randolph County, $1,775. (Contact: Randall A. Braun, 618/284-7184)

Prophetstown Fire Protection District, Prophetstown, Whiteside County, $2,010. (Contact: William Jacobs, Sr., 815/537-2025)

Raritan Fire District, Raritan, Henderson County, $1,050. (Contact: Ronnie D. Gipe, 309/746-6138)

Richmond Township Fire Protection District, Richmond, McHenry County, $3,637. (Contact: Ken Foszoz, 815/678-3672)

Salina Township Fire Protection District, Bonfield, Kankakee County, $2,000. (Contact: Richard W. Cochran, 815/937-5316)

Sandwich Fire Department, Sandwich, DeKalb County, $928. (Contact: Richard Kell, 815/786-9241)

Sante Fe Fire Protection District, Bartelso, Clinton County, $4,253. (Contact: Marcel Winkeler, 618/765-2187)

Savana Fire Department, Savanna, Carroll County, $4,890. (Contact: Shawn Picolotti, 815/273-2246)

Seaton Fire Protection District, Seaton, Mercer County, $7,900. (Contact: Fred Carlson, 309/586-4023)

Shabbona Volunteer Fire Protection District, Shabbona, DeKalb County, $4,975. (Contact: Bill Reynolds, 815/824-2115)

South Wheatland Fire Protection District, Decatur, Macon County, $5,175. (Contact: Thomas Williams, 217/429-4236)

South Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department, South Wilmington, Grundy County, $7,980. (Contact: Melvin K. Lampert, 815/237-8898)

Sublette Fire Protection District, Sublette, Lee County, $9,476. (Contact: Kevin Kellen, 815/849-5166)

Sullivan Fire Protection District, Sullivan, Moultrie County, $6,130. (Contact: Jeff Waite, 217/728-8714)

Toluca Fire & Ambulance Protection District, Toluca, Marshall County, $6,500. (Contact: Jerry Faw, 815/452-2332)

Tonica Volunteer Fire Department, Tonica, LaSalle County, $189. (Contact: Shawn Micheli, 815/442-3527)

Ullin Fire Department, Ullin, Pulaski County, $1,371. (Contact: Rodney Miller, 618/845-3914)

Ursa Fire Protection District, Ursa, Adams County, $3,540. (Contact: Douglas Seeber, 217/223-4605)

Utica Fire Protection District, Utica, LaSalle County, $9,500. (Contact: Dave Edgcomb, 815/667-5177)

Valmeyer Fire Protection District, Valemeyer, Monroe County, $5,320. (Contact: Floyd Floarke, Jr., 618/935-2178)

Virginia Volunteer Fire Department, Virginia, Cass County, $2,407. (Contact: Darrell Cox, 217/452-3372)

Wabash Fire Protection District, Mattoon, Coles County, $9,500. (Contact: Jerry Schultz, 217/235-4839)

Wheatfield Township Fire Protection District, Carlyle, Clinton County, $500. (Contact: Robert L. Strotheide, 618/594-7603)

Williamson County Fire Protection District, Herrin, Williamson County, $4,750. (Contact: Don Swiatkowski, Chief, 618/997-4802)

Wyanet Fire Protection District, Wyanet, Bureau County, $8,495. (Contact: Donald Prince, 815/699-2617)





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