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Weekly statewide fishing report

Our weekly rundown of fishing conditions at various locations in Utah



Updated September 15

BOUNTIFUL LAKE - Fishing is fair. Just a reminder that all individuals fourteen years and older need to have a valid fishing licenses when fishing.

CAUSEY RESERVOIR - fishing is poor. The water level in the reservoir is low. Reminder: the reservoir is closed to the possession of kokanee salmon with any red color from August 15 September 29, 2003.

EAST CANYON RESERVOIR - Fishing is fair to good for rainbow trout. Boats are still able to launch from the boat ramps. The water level is approximately twenty-five to thirty feet below spill way.

ECHO RESERVOIR - Fishing is fair to good. Anglers fishing from shore are catching perch using worms.

FARMINGTON POND - Fishing is fair. Fishing is improving due to decreasing water temperatures.

HYRUM RESERVOIR - Fishing is slow. Anglers are catching a few rainbows from shore. The water level is low. Smaller boats are still able to launch.

LOGAN RIVER - Fishing is fair for fly fishermen.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR - Fishing is fair. Water level is down and the fish are crowded. Boats are unable to launch. The water level is below the boat ramp. The day use fee has been temporarily removed due to the low water level.

MABEY (CLEARFIELD CITY) POND - Fishing is fair for catfish, check easement rightaways for access.

NEWTON RESERVOIR - New regulations for Newton Reservoir effective August 2, 2003: the daily bag and possession limits for all game fish are doubled (for example: two tiger musky, 12 largemouth bass and 16 channel catfish). Size restrictions on tiger musky and largemouth bass have been removed. Previous bag and possession limits and size restrictions for Newton Reservoir will become effective again on January 1, 2004. Except for other emergency changes made since January 1, 2003 all other rules established in the 2003 Utah Fishing Regulations remain in effect. The fish are dying in the reservoir. Anglers are catching a few crappie.

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR - Fishing is slow. Anglers have reported catching a few small mouth bass off rocky points using diving rapalas. The Anderson boat ramp is closed. Boaters are asked to use caution when venturing into the coves and around the islands. The road over the dam is under construction and is closed Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. The water level is decreasing daily.

PORCUPINE RESERVOIR - Fishing is slow. The water level is low. Is closed to the possession of kokanee salmon with any red color from August 15 September 29, 2003.

ROCKPORT RESERVOIR - Fishing is good from shore with worms and green powerbait.

UINTAS - Roadside lakes associated with Highway 150 the fishing is good for rainbow and albino trout. Anglers are having better luck using flies, lures, and bait. All road side lakes are continuing to be stocked with catchable rainbow. The high lakes have been good fishing for brook and cutthroat trout, especially the east fork of the smiths fork drainage.

WILLARD BAY - Fishing is slow. The only access to fishing is from the dike. The south marina is closed and will remain closed through April 1, 2004, or until there is sufficient water to launch a boat. Water levels at the north marina have made launching a boat impossible.

For more information contact Phil Douglass, Northern Region Conservation Outreach Program, (801) 476-2750 or



Send your central region fishing tips to Also, all the information you want to know about facilities at Deer Creek, Jordanelle, Utah Lake and Yuba Reservoir (or any other Utah State Park) can be found by visiting the Utah State Parks Web site.

NOTICE: Fish health advisory on the North Fork of American Fork Creek Because of elevated levels of arsenic, anglers are encouraged to limit fish consumption to one cutthroat or brown trout per month on the North Fork of American Fork Creek. Pregnant women and children should not eat fish from this stretch of river. Eating more than one meal per month over a long period of time could result in an intake of arsenic that exceeds EPA standards. Sampled rainbow trout in Tibble Fork reservoir have not shown elevated levels of arsenic. Both natural sources and mine tailings are the probable cause of the arsenic and they are being cleaned up. A continued study of fish in the area will be carried out and this advisory will be updated as needed. Only a small percentage of cutthroats and browns showed elevated levels of arsenic but as a precaution, this advisory is given. Signs are posted along the North Fork warning anglers of the problem. For more information contact Dave Wham (801) 538-6052 or Scott Root (801) 491-5656.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR - (Sept 10) The water temperature at Strawberry has dropped about 10 degrees over the last week or so; colder weather has been good for fishing success according to anglers. Over 100 or so kokanee are now showing up in the fish trap and egg-taking facility behind the Strawberry Visitor Center. Walk along the boardwalk (behind the visitor ctr) and watch these orange fish! Shore anglers have reported fair success. Best methods continue to include trolling, jigging and float tubing with sinking fly line and wooly buggers. Many of Strawberry's tribs closed on Sept. 1, and will remain closed until October 11. Notice: 2003 fishing regulations for the reservoir include: an aggregate limit of four trout or kokanee salmon. No more than two may be cutthroat trout under 15 inches, and no more than one may be a cutthroat over 22 inches long. All cutthroat between 15 and 22 inches must be immediately released (any trout with cutthroat markings is considered a cutthroat). Don't feel compelled to harvest fish on every trip. Please do your part to ensure the future of this heavily utilized fishery by voluntarily releasing fish!

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR - (Sept 10) A litle snow showed up this week surrounding the mountain peaks around the reservoir; bring a jacket. Try surface lure fishing in the first hour of daylight for trout by using light-colored, minnow-imitating crankbaits especially in the backs of bays. Small mouth bass success is also good by fishing the points (in six to 20 feet of water) with poppers or Zara Spooks. Some four- to six-pound brown trout have been reported throughout the reservoir; this is a great time to fish this reservoir! There are many perch in the reservoir so please take some home for a great meal. Anglers must remember that bass over 12 inches have to be immediately released! Bass limit is six. All bass over 12 inches must be immediately released. Do your part to prevent the spread of whirling disease by cleaning mud from waders and equipment. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

PROVO RIVER (above Olmstead Diversion Dam) (Sept 10) Artificial flies and lures only! Fishing has been good to very good (if you use the right fly). Some anglers report catching and releasing 2030 trout in a morning by using minnow-imitating lures, black wooly buggers, streamers and other active flies and lures. Standard Provo River small nymphs (size 18 and smaller) such as gold-ribbed hares ear, scuds, pheasant tails, etc. will provide action as well. We actually have too many fish in many stretches of the Provo (especially between Heber and Deer Creek Res.) Please take advantage of keeping two brown trout under 15 inches; fish are showing signs of overcrowding. Only two brown trout under 15 inches may be kept in this special regulations part of the river. All rainbows and cutthroats must be immediately released. Do your part to prevent the spread of whirling disease by cleaning mud from waders and equipment. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters. River Restoration/Construction Note: Beginning July 1, the middle Provo River from Midway Lane/100 S. Bridge downstream to the Heber Valley Railroad trestle (approximately two miles) will be closed to public access through December 19, 2003.

PROVO RIVER (Below Olmstead Diversion) (Sept 10) Light fishing pressure. Water level is a little low but very clear and fish can be seen in the river. Best success has been reported on the upper stretches of town and up the canyon to Olmstead for trout. This stretch of the river allows bait fishing and doesn't have the size restrictions. (The Olmstead Diversion is located about one mile up the canyon from Bridal Veil Falls). Moderate fishing pressure.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR (Sept 10) State Park Ranger reports fair success from shore for trout, with few reports of success for walleye and perch. Water level is down considerably. Much of the Charleston end is dried up (except for the river channel).The main state park ramp is closed. Several people with smaller boats are still having success launching boats at the beach area near the Island ramp; this is considered "launch at your own risk" and four-wheel drive is recommended. Larger boats may have some difficulty launching at this area. Trolling with pop gear seems to be the best technique still especially in the early morning hours. Yellow perch limit is 10. Regulations: Trout limit is four (statewide). Walleye limit is six, but only one can be over 20 inches. Bass limit is six. All bass over 12 inches must be immediately released. Do your part to prevent the spread of whirling disease by cleaning mud from waders and equipment. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

UTAH LAKE - (Sept 10) State Park ranger reports a little success for bullhead catfish but not a lot of success for other species reported again this week. Boat ramp is closed and considered "launch at your own risk" harbor is only 1 1/2 feet deep and the marina is three feet deep. Main body of water in the lake averages only about four feet deep. All largemouth and smallmouth bass over 12 inches must be immediately released. For information on launching conditions call Utah Lake State Park at (801) 375-0731.

YUBA RESERVOIR - (Sept 10) Now closed to fishing. The lake has been drained to repair the dam.

COTTONWOOD CANYON LAKES (East of SLC) (Sept 10) - Be prepared for bad weather if fishing these waters! Recent surveys indicate that some of these higher elevation lakes have plenty of hungry trout. Best bets include: Twin Lakes, Mary, Martha, Catherine, Pittsburgh, Red Pine and Upper Red Pine lakes. White Pine has a few good-sized fish but expect slow fishing. A small dark fly in the morning or evening should produce well. Lures have produced success as well.

BURRASTON PONDS - (Sept 10) Slow to fair fishing success by using traditional baits.

HOBBLE CREEK & DIAMOND FORK RIVERS - (Sept 10) Diamond Fork will be surveyed in October and results (fish numbers, species, size, etc.) will be posted at that time. Diamond Fork River's flows should begin to decrease and fishing should pick up by using small flies or bait. On Diamond Fork, from Springville Crossing to it headwaters, is "artificial flies and lures only," and it is closed to cutthroat trout possession. Access to parts of Diamond Fork will be a little difficult from Monks Hollow to Three Forks due to a three-year construction project. The US Forest Service has more information about the project at 798-3571.

SPRING LAKE & SALEM POND - (Sept 10) Some surface vegetation is starting to disappear. Anglers are fishing (with traditional baits) for rainbows by using powerbait and channel catfish by using worms. Success has been considered slow to fair for trout and fair for catfish. Remember that regulations on both waters include: limit is four fish (Daily bag and possession limit is an aggregate total of four fish for all species. For example: one trout, two channel catfish and one bluegill.) Bass, bluegill and channel catfish are also in these waters.

CANYON VIEW POND (Sept 10) - Due to the shallow water and warm temperature, the pond won't be stocked again until next year.

PAYSON LAKES - (Sept 10) Fishing success is fair to good by using standard baits.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR - (Sept 10) Fair fishing success with traditional baits and lures.

TOOELE COUNTY WATERS - (Sept 10) Grantsville, Vernon, Settlement Canyon and Rainbow Reservoirs have all been producing fair success. Water level at Vernon may be drained down significantly by mid-September.

MILL HOLLOW - (Sept 10) Be prepared for cold weather (and possibly an early season snow storm) at this high elevation lake. Fair to good success by using traditional baits or try using small, dark-colored flies on the surface in the morning and evening hours.

SILVER LAKE (near Brighton Ski Resort) - (Sept 10) Good fishing success. Dark-colored flies in the morning or evening can work very well.

SANPETE COUNTY WATERS - (Sept 10) The many hunters along the Skyline Drive should bring a fishing pole! Many of the waters are still holding decent numbers of hungry trout, and fishing has been fair to good by using traditional baits.



Updated August 27

BIG SAND WASH RESERVOIR Reports of fair fishing for rainbows and a few bass being taken. Boat ramp is high and dry.

BULLOCK/COTTONWOOD RESERVOIRS Anglers report fair fishing for bass and slow for rainbow. Small (20-inch) tiger musky are starting to hit lures, note the regulation is tigers under 40 inches must be released. Great fishing for bullhead catfish, which can make an excellent kids fishery as they can be easily caught on worms under a bobber. Water level on Bullock is low and mossy and Cottonwood is being drained rapidly. The reservoirs are located approximately five miles north of the town of Gusher.

BROUGH RESERVOIR Reports of fair fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Note new regulations: artificial flies and lures only, no bait in possession and a two trout limit. Fish getting to catchable size. Water level is low. To get to Brough, take State Route 88 south from US Route 40 (Ouray Road). Turn west at the second dirt road past the high power lines. Follow this road approximately two miles staying to the left at each main fork. Road is quite rutted.

BROWNIE / SPIRIT LAKE Reports of good fishing from both reservoirs. Access good, may vary depending on weather.

EAST PARK / OAKS PARK East and Oaks Park filled this spring. Reports on fishing success vary.

CALDER /CROUSE RESERVOIRS Reports of good fishing at Calder despite low water levels. Crouse winterkilled last year and has not been refilled. New limit on Calder is eight fish. All other regulations remain in effect including the four fish limit on Matt Warner.

CURRANT CREEK RESERVOIR Reports of good fishing especially during the cooler hours. Roads to boat ramp and campground open.

FLAMING GORGE RESERVOIR All boat ramps are open except Anvil Draw, which is closed due to low water. Rainbow trout fishing remains good at Sheep Creek, Antelope Flats, Linwood Bay, Stateline Bay, Pipeline, South Buckboard, and near the dam Visitor Center. For shore fishing, try Power Bait or a worm and marshmallow combination floated off the bottom, or cast small lures or jigs. Another effective technique is fishing a nightcrawler three to six feet below a bobber. Boat fishermen are doing well trolling small spoons, crankbaits, or a popgear/worm combo; and casting lures or jigs near shoreline areas. Lake trout fishing has been good, with several large fish reported in the Antelope/Stateline Bay areas. Fishing for small lake trout is very good near Buckboard, Big Bend and Anvil Draw. Troll flatfish, rapalas or a popgear/minnow combination on or near the bottom using steel line or a downrigger, or jig over structure and along drop-offs using large jigs or spoons, perhaps tipped with a minnow or sucker meat. There are many small- and medium-sized lake trout in Flaming Gorge, so please harvest a few. Kokanee fishing is improving with fish typically 3040 feet in depth. Troll a small fluorescent lure, with or without a dodger or popgear. Smallmouth bass fishing is good to excellent with fish found reservoir-wide along rocky structure. Crayfish-colored grubs or crankbaits are effective, however smallmouths also will take spinners and spoons. Utah Wildlife Resources and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have initiated a creel survey, which includes fishermen counts using aircraft. These DWR planes might be observed flying as low as several hundred feet over the reservoir through 2003.

GREEN RIVER (upper) Flows are scheduled for 800 cfs, and will be held at that level through summer and fall. Fishing has been good, with Cicadas providing surface action using size 8-10 imitations. Sporadic Blue Wing Olive hatches are providing additional surface action, especially on cool afternoons. Good dry patterns include Adams, BWO or Griffith's Gnat, size 1620. For nymph fishing try simple or beadhead midge, size 2024; RS-II, WD-40, or pheasant tails, size 1620; olive, orange, tan or pink scuds, size 1014; San Juan Worms or Glo Bugs. A popular technique is dropping a midge or baetis nymph behind a larger attractor pattern. For streamer fishing, try brown, tan or olive wooly buggers, size 26, and light-colored minnow imitations. Spin fishermen should try small rapalas; spinners; black, brown or olive marabou jigs; and tube jigs.

MATT WARNER RESERVOIR Reports of fair to good fishing mostly for small fish. Best fishing is during the cooler hours.

MOON LAKE Reports of good fishing for splake and rainbows. Anglers also catching cutthroat, kokanee, brook trout and whitefish.

PELICAN LAKE Reports from anglers of good fishing for bass and bluegill. Water level is low so trying to launch boats is not recommended. Canoes, float tube and small boats that can be put in from anywhere are the best bet. Afternoon winds, especially during rain and thunderstorms, have and will make boating an adventure.

RED FLEET RESERVOIR Reports of good fishing for trout, bass and bluegill. Best fishing is early mornings and late evening.

STARVATION RESERVOIR Reports of fair to good fishing for walleye, trout and bass. Lake levels remain high. Studies indicate the forage base is in jeopardy as few if any young chubs are reaching an age to reproduce. The only way to ensure future fishing is to remove predators (smaller walleye and bass) so the forage fish fingerlings survive to replace the 20-plus-year-old breeding population before it dies out. Anglers and others can assist by catching and keeping your limits of walleye and bass.

STEINAKER RESERVOIR Reports of fair to good fishing for trout and bass. Best fishing is early morning and evening. Lake levels still good but they are dropping.

UINTA MOUNTAIN LAKES AND STREAMS Reports of good to excellent fishing. Ponds, lakes and streams all producing well. Fishing on high elevation lakes and streams is often spotty but with over 400 fishable waters, if one isn't producing just move on to the next one. Be prepared for any kind of weather from sunny to freezing cold winds and snow. Note: four trout limit with a bonus of four more brook trout see proclamation for details.



Updated Sept. 10

GENERAL - Fishing success is improving with the onset of cooler weather and the fall season.

BENCHES RESERVOIR - Todd Munford of Big Pine Sports in Fairview reports good fishing success with PowerBait or worms. Fly fishermen have had good luck in the mornings or evenings by quickly stripping sinking line with a brown leech pattern. Evening fly fishermen have had luck with #14 renegade or mosquito patterns.

BLUE MOUNTAINS - Conservation Officer Randall Scheetz recommends that anglers use spinners and flies in the mornings and evenings and bait during the day for trout at Foy, Monticello, Lloyds, and Blanding #3. Scheetz recommends that northern pike anglers troll with crankbaits at Recapture Reservoir.

BOULGERS RESERVOIR - See "Benches Reservoir" for fishing success and tackle recommendations.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR - Todd Munford reports that rainbow trout being caught are in the 3/4- to 1-lb. size range. He recommends orange or corn-flavored PowerBait along the west shoreline. Fly fishermen have had fair to good success on the southeast side with red crystal buggers or black wooly buggers with a red tail.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR - Duck Fork will be replanted with Colorado River cutthroat trout and fingerling tiger trout this month. Duck Fork regulations will protect the Colorado River cutthroat population for future egg collection and fish transplant operations. The DWR hopes that this measure will help keep the Colorado River cutthroat from being listed as threatened or endangered. If that were to happen, traditional fishing in southeastern Utah could be dramatically impacted. Tiger trout are being planted to provide for sport fishing at this water.

ELECTRIC LAKE - Good fishing success has been reported for anglers jigging olive Gitzits or 1/4-ounce black marabou jigs. Shoreline anglers have had fair luck with night crawler and salmon egg combinations. The limit at Electric Lake is four trout which may be taken on any type of bait, lure or fly. In the tributaries, the limit is two trout, which must be caught with artificial flies or lures.

FAIRVIEW LAKES - Todd Munford says that fishing success has been variable, but can be good with Zeke's green garlic cheese mixed with PowerBait. Todd suggests using three and one half to four feet of leader and fishing off the rocks on the northeast and northwest corners of the lake. Fly fishing has been best in the evening with a black leech or chartreuse crystal bugger.

FERRON RESERVOIR - Fishing was good last week with a green leech pattern or beadhead nymph. The trout limit is four. However, anglers may take a bonus limit of four brook trout in addition to the normal trout limit.

GIGLIOTTI POND - The Gigliotti Pond will be stocked with 2,000 catchable rainbow trout within the next week or so. The reservoir should be full and good fishing is anticipated.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR - Todd reports good fly fishing with sinking line and a brown and olive leech pattern on the south and northeast sides of the lake. Bait fishing has been good south of the campground on the west shore with a night crawler and marshmallow combination.

HUNTINGTON CREEK - Fishing has been fair to good from Engineers Canyon down to the forks. Use a large attractor pattern trailed by a small pheasant tail or prince nymph. Below the forks, night crawlers with a split shot has been good when fished in the deeper holes. Special regulations on Huntington Creek are as follows: On the right fork (from Flood and Engineers Canyon upstream to Electric Lake) only artificial flies may be used and the trout limit is two. On the left fork, only artificial flies and lures may be used, and the harvest of brown trout is encouraged.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR - Trout fishing continues to be slow. More trout will be stocked in October as other water recreation subsides. The bass limit is two; all largemouth bass over 12 inches must be immediately released.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR (near the top of Huntington Canyon) Fishing has been improving as tiger trout are moving into shallower water. Retrieve a straight night crawler slowly behind a full bubble for best results. Fly fishermen have been using wooly buggers or brown leeches. The reservoir is closed to the possession of cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR - The boat ramp is now out of the water. Only hand-launched water craft can be used. Fishing success has been slow. In 2003, the trout limit is two. No more than one trout may be over 22 inches. All trout 1522 inches must be immediately released.

LASAL MOUNTAINS - Conservation Officer Vance Mumford reports good fishing at most lakes. Pan-sized brookies are biting on small flies at Oowah. At Dark Canyon, Mepp's spinners have been catching 12 inch rainbow trout.

MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR - Shoreline fishing has been good with red salmon eggs or PowerBait. Fly fishermen have had luck with beadhead nymphs.

PRICE RIVER/LOWER FISH CREEK - Heavy flows from the reservoir continue. From the railroad bridge approximately 1 mile below the Scofield Reservoir dam downstream to the confluence with the White River only artificial flies and lures may be used. No recent report.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR - Due to the moss problem, shoreline fishing has been slow. However, still-fishing from a boat can be very good. Some have reported good luck by floating worms rigs or PowerBait about three feet from the bottom. Dead minnows remain a good bait choice. Fly fishermen have been using dark leech patterns.



September 3, 2003

By Wayne Gustaveson:
Lake elevation: 3603 ft., Water temperature: 7882 F.

Access to launch ramps will offer a daily surprise as lake bottom not seen for over 30 years emerges. Boaters at Bullfrog found that launch ramp closed last Friday making for some uncomfortable moments. Launch at Halls Crossing midlake or Wahweap Main ramp for sure access. All other ramps are closed or launch at your own risk.

Fishing is good from Bullfrog to White Canyon. There will be small quick striper boils for many miles in the main channel. Most boils are too quick to see and then fish. It works better to see a boil then guess where the fish might come up again and try to be there when they surface. Occasionally the boil will stay up long enough to approach and get a cast off. It seems that the stretch from buoy 102 to Crystal Springs Canyon has more cooperative fish that stay up longer. The Horn to Two mile canyon is another good spot.

San Juan stripers are showing the same behavior. A few pop up and then go down. The only chance is to race to the spot and hope they come up in range when they show again. Boils are consistent at Zahn Bay and now there is morning and evening action between Wilson Creek and Cha Canyon.

Surface feeding smallmouth bass are found in the exact location where stripers are feeding. A subtle difference in strategy will target bass instead of stripers. When boils are seen place the boat one cast from shore so that a small surface bait can be cast to shallow water. Use a small profile popper like a Pop-R. Yozuri and Sugoi Splash poppers with a feather on the hook are more effective. Throw the popper near shore and work it very slowly. Let the ripples die way between soft jerks. Smallmouth will find the small bait. Stripers will be on the deep water side of the boat and can be caught on the super spook jr and jumpin minnows. It is often possible to catch more bass near shore than stripers in the open water. Size of bass caught near boils is significantly larger using topwater baits in twilight periods than when using grubs on the bottom.

The lower lake is still a puzzle. Many bait and predator fish are graphed in water deeper than 30 feet but few are caught. Smallmouth bass catch steadily improves with uplake travel. Padre Bay is fair, Rock Creek is better, Oak Canyon is better still. Striped bass are not being caught at all for as far uplake as the San Juan or above Cottonwood Canyon. Then the small quick boils are seen.

We expect all this to change on the south end of Lake Powell as water cools off. Surface temperature in the low 70s will hopefully free the predators to start chasing live shad and angler baits once again. It has been a long dry spell for striper anglers. Bass anglers are still catching smallmouth and the average size is getting progressively larger. If fishing in the lower lake we recommend fishing soft jerk baits like senkos on a drop shot rig in 2535 feet of water. Only the very smallest bass are found in the shallows. The decent fish are deeper where water is cooler.



Updated September 5

BAKER RESERVOIR: The reservoir is low. Fishing has slowed for rainbow trout.

BARKER RESERVOIRS, NORTH CREEK LAKES: Barker Reservoir and Lower Barker Reservoir are located at the head of the North Creek drainage northwest of the town of Escalante. The two reservoirs are accessible by road. Eight other smaller reservoirs and ponds are located in the area and are accessible by 1/4- to two-mile hikes from the Barkers. The Barkers have been stocked with catchable-size rainbows and are fair fishing. Dougherty Basin Lake has special regulations. Check the current proclamation.

BEAVER MOUNTAIN LAKES: All have been stocked with catchable rainbow trout and/ or cutthroat. Brook trout are also present in most of the lakes. Water levels are low. A fish kill has occurred at Kent's Lake, likely related to low water and the abundance of shiners. Few trout are left. Best success recently has been at Puffer Lake.

BEAVER RIVER: The river is running clear. Abundant caddis and mayfly hatches. Try elk hair caddis or Wulff patterns. Small spinners or bait will work too. Water is being released from Minersville Res so the lower river is up. Rainbows have been stocked here. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease by cleaning mud from waders and equipment. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

BOULDER MTN LAKES: Many lakes are lower than normal. A standard technique for Boulder Mountain brook trout is fishing a black marabou jig near cover. Worms will also work. If flyfishing, try leech, bugger, or scud patterns. Special regulations on Boulder Mountain waters include a limit of four trout with only two over 14 inches. There is a bonus limit of four brook trout (total limit of no more than 8 trout if at least four are brook trout, with the size restriction noted above). Thunder showers are common this time of year. Be prepared for inclement weather.

CHALK CREEK: Small stream east of Fillmore. Stream conditions depend on thundershowers. Good fishing for small wild rainbow trout and rainbow/cutthroat hybrids. Best fishing is away from the campground and more heavily fished spots. The North Fork provides a good spot for those willing to hike. Meadow Creek and Pioneer Creek are other small streams in the area that contain populations of small, wild trout.

CORN CREEK: Some fish were lost here due to recent flash flooding associated with thundershowers, but some fish remain. Stream flows and fishing conditions will depend on thundershowers. Fishing can be a challenge here with thick riparian vegetation.

CLEAR CREEK: Small stream along I70 by Fremont Indian State Park. The stream clear. Good fishing for browns and rainbows up to 14 inches. The tributaries also contain populations of small, wild trout.

DUCK CREEK/ASPEN MIRROR: Stocking has been discontinued for the summer. Fishing success will wane as the remaining fish are taken. Try powerbait from shore.

EAST FORK OF THE SEVIER RIVER: A few trout have been reported from the area near Osiris Mill and above, some small cutthroat are also present below. Small rainbow trout and brown trout have also been stocked through the canyon. Recent storms have caused some high turbid flows. The status of the fishery is unknown. There will be few larger trout here until populations recover from impacts of fires and flooding last year. For the section of river from the BLM property boundary (about four miles south of Antimony) upstream to the confluence with Deer Creek, special regulations include the use of artificial flies and lures only and a limit of two trout. Releases have been reduced from Otter Creek Reservoir so flows are now lower through Kingston Canyon. Almost all of this section is now posted so please obtain permission first.

ENTERPRISE RESERVOIR (Upper and Lower): The upper reservoir is very low. The lower reservoir is getting also low and warm so few trout likely remain.

FISH LAKE: Fishing for rainbow trout has slowed somewhat. Fishing for splake is a little more difficult as the fish are deeper and may be suspended. If you can find them, you can still have some success. Splake can usually be caught from boats by jigging. Use a Kastmaster or similar spoon or plastic grub tipped with sucker or perch meat. Chartreuse or white jigs are popular. Start jigging near the bottom at about the weedline. Vary your jigging technique or depth until you find the right combination. Success for splake usually improves again by the end of this month. Rainbows may be taken jigging tube jigs tipped with bait, still fishing with worms or powerbait or by trolling. Popgear and a worm work about as well as anything. Perch can be caught fishing shallow and using about anything tipped with a piece of worm. Special regulations for Fish Lake include no more than two of your four-trout limit may be lake trout and only 1 may be a lake trout larger than 20 inches. Remember, Twin Creek is closed to fishing. Good fishing is available at streams in the area. Try hopper imitations or elk hair caddis. There are special regulations on UM Creek flies and lures only and catch and release for cutthroat trout.

FORSYTH RESERVOIR: The reservoir is very low, little fishing pressure. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

FREMONT RIVER: Flows are now up in the section between Johnson Reservoir and Mill Meadow Reservoir. Small browns are abundant here. Conditions in the lower river will vary with thundershowers and irrigation. It doesn't take much to muddy up this stretch. There has been some flooding in this area following recent thunder storms. The status of the fishery is unknown. Private property along the lower section obtain permission before fishing. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease by cleaning mud from waders and equipment. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

GOOSEBERRY AREA: Construction along Sevenmile/Gooseberry Road can cause delays. Gates Lake is being drained for work on the dam.

GUNNISON BEND RESERVOIR: Reservoir near Delta. Fishing for white bass and catfish have slowed. Please respect private property surrounding the reservoir.

GUNLOCK RESERVOIR: The reservoir is low but the launching ramp is still usable. Bass fishing has slowed, but a few nice fish are being taken. Green sunfish, bluegill and crappie are present here, too. Try crayfish crankbaits or lager plastic baits for the bass, smaller tube jigs or worms for the pan fish. No reports on catfish. Other water recreational use has decreased, so anglers don't have to compete with jet skis now. Remember special regulations for bass four bass under 10 inches and two over 20 inches.

JOHNSON RESERVOIR: Slow fishing. Abundant chubs, suckers and small perch are a problem here. A limited number of tiger muskies have been stocked in Johnson Reservoir. If you catch one, please contact the nearest UDWR office with some details.

KOLOB RESERVOIR: Mixed reports with the warmer weather. Some days have been slow. Fish are moving deeper. The reservoir is low but releases have stopped. Success should improve by the end of the month. Some of the best success here occurs in the fall. Special regulations include artificial flies and lures only, with a limit of one trout which must be over 22 inches. Scented jigs are not allowed.

KOOSHAREM RESERVOIR: The reservoir is low. Fishing has slowed.

LOWER BOWNS: The reservoir is low. Fair for 12- to 14-inch rainbows early in the year.

MANNING MEADOW RESERVOIR, BARNEY LAKE: Two reservoirs on Monroe Mountain. Manning Meadow is used as a broodstock lake for Bonneville cutthroat trout. Special regulations here include flies and lures only and a limit of only one trout which must be at least 22 inches. Barney Lake is also flies and lures only but the limit is two trout of any size. Barney contains some tiger trout as well as Bonneville cutthroat trout.

MILL MEADOW RESERVOIR: The reservoir level is low. Fair fishing for rainbows and hybrid trout, and brown trout. Try powerbait or worms. Trolling something silver is also working. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

MINERSVILLE RESERVOIR: The reservoir is very low. Little pressure. Special regulations include a trout limit of one fish, which must be over 22 inches; artificial flies and lures only. Scented jigs are not allowed. The park is now administered by Beaver County. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

NAVAJO LAKE: The lake level is low. The lake has been heavily stocked with rainbows. Mixed reports on success. Try powerbait or worms. Generall some good fishing in the fall.

NEWCASTLE RESERVOIR: The reservoir level is low. Slow fishing for rainbow trout. Cast spinners or fish worms or powerbait from shore. Some of the larger trout are feeding on golden shiners so gold spoons or rapalas may work. Smallmouth bass are also here. Cast a small (two inches or less) plastic curly tail grub with 1/16-oz 1/4-oz lead head jig (depending upon the wind) and retrieve it slowly over the bottom. Using a "Carolina" rig with the same bait and unweighted hook with the weight added 1218 inches above the grub will also work and decrease the number of snags. Fishing for smallmouth has been slow, probably due to the abundance of small shiners available for bass to eat.

OTTER CREEK RESERVOIR: The reservoir is very low. Flows from the East Fork and the shallow mud flats on the southeast side have contributed to turbidity on the south end of the lake. Most anglers heading up reservoir a ways to clearer water. Shore fishing is difficult due to extensive mud flats. ramp is still usable. Rainbow trout up to two lbs. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

PANGUITCH LAKE: The lake level is low. Launching is possible from the north public ramp and at some of the private marinas. Vegetation makes fishing from some locations along shore difficult. There has been an algae bloom also. Fair fishing for 13- to 15-inch rainbows. Some recent reports of larger fish being taken. Success should improve as water cools later this month. New regulations this year include a limit of four trout, of which only one may be a cutthroat trout. All cutthroat trout under 22 inches must be released immediately. This regulation is intended to protect the Bear Lake cutthroat trout in the lake. Good numbers of larger cutthroat (which feed on chubs) will help to control the number of Utah chubs in the lake and provide a chance at a trophy-sized fish.

PARAGONAH (RED CREEK) RESERVOIR: Fishing has slowed somewhat. Try at dusk with midge patterns or bait.

PINE LAKE: Good access. Good fishing for 11- to 14-inch rainbows and small cutthroat. Try bugger, leech or damsel fly patterns if flyfishing; worms or powerbait from shore.

PINE VALLEY RESERVOIR: Reservoir level is good. Stocking is over for the summer. Fishing will get tougher as the remaining fish are taken. Try bait from shore.

PIUTE RESERVOIR: Very low. Water level is below the ramp. Slow fishing.

QUAIL LAKE: The lake is low but filling. Slow fishing. Remember the special regulations for bass - four bass under 10 inches and two over 20 inches.

REDMOND LAKE: Now recent reports.

REX RESERVOIR: Fair fishing with powerbait. Heavy pressure on weekends.

SAND COVE RESERVOIRS: Two small reservoirs by the town of Veyo. The dam was rebuilt on the lower reservoir and both reservoirs were dredged this past winter. The upper reservoir was stocked with rainbow trout early. Bluegill have also been stocked but numbers and size will probably be low for a year or two. Both reservoirs are very low.

SAND HOLLOW RESERVOIR: A new reservoir near St. George. The State Park is open but the reservoir is dropping. The launch ramp is closed. The reservoir is closed to fishing for this year. It has been stocked with largemouth bass and bluegill but needs a year or two for those populations to develop. Enjoy the boating, ATVs, and sun, but leave the fishing rods at home.

SEVIER RIVER, ASAY CREEK, MAMMOTH CREEK: Conditions in the upper tributaries (Asay Creek and Mammoth Creek) have varied with thundershowers. Most of the trout water on the Sevier is located upstream (south) from the town of Hatch. Intermittent sections of good habitat are present above Hatch and easily accessible from Highway 89. The river contains mainly brown trout and mountain whitefish. Asay Creek west of Highway 89 is on private land and access is restricted. Public access is possible on much of Mammoth Creek west of Highway 89. Special regulations apply to a section of Mammoth Creek, check the proclamation for details. Try caddis, hopper patterns if flyfishing, or small spinners or bait. Whirling disease has been documented in the drainage. Please prevent the spread of whirling disease. Do not transport any parts of fish caught here to other waters.

THOUSAND LAKES MTN: Reservoirs levels are good for this time of year. Fair fishing at most spots.

TROPIC RESERVOIR: Located at the head of the East Fork of the Sevier River near Bryce Canyon National Park. Good access. The lake is low. Fishing has slowed.

URBAN PONDS: Stocking of trout at the two Tawa ponds along the Snow Canyon Parkway and the Skyline Drive Pond in St. George is over for the summer. Some bass, bluegill, and green sunfish are being caught. Catch and release only for largemouth bass. The trout limit is two. Anglers 14 years or older need a valid Utah fishing license to fish here. Older anglers are requested to use artificial flies or lures. Please pick up any litter and keep the area clean. Catfish have been stocked at the Parowan Pond.

WIDE HOLLOW RESERVOIR: Reservoir at Escalante State Park west of the town of Escalante. The reservoir level is very low. Launching boats is no longer advisable. Trout fishing is done for the summer. Some bass and bluegill remain.

YANKEE MEADOW RESERVOIR: Good access. The reservoir is low. Fair fishing for rainbows, brook and cutthroat. Try spinners, jigs, or bait from shore. No camping is allowed around the immediate shoreline. Please pack your garbage out.




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