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WRD News Story

Available Now! Information on Controlling Feral Hog Damage for Private Landowners

Private landowners experiencing feral hog damage on their land often are unsure about what they can legally do to control hogs.  These landowners should be sure to pick up a new informational booklet - “Feral Hogs in Georgia: Disease, Damage and Control,” published by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).  This booklet is available on the WRD website, and through WRD Game Management Offices.

    Hogs are non-native and compete with native wildlife, such as deer, bears, wild turkeys and songbirds, for important limited natural food supplies, especially acorns.  Hogs often destroy agricultural crops – not only by consuming the crops, but also by rooting and trampling them.  Hogs also have been known to destroy the nests and eggs of such ground-nesting birds as quail and turkey.

The booklet will contain general information about hogs, including: identification of types of hogs; distribution of hogs in Georgia; biology, reproduction and behavior; and types of diseases feral hogs can transmit and how to handle potentially diseased animals.  As expected, the bulk of the booklet will concern controlling the damage caused by feral hogs through various methods, including shooting, live trapping, fencing and with the use of dogs.

The “Feral Hogs in Georgia” booklet currently is available on the WRD website, and through WRD Game Management Offices.  For more information, call a regional WRD Game Management Offices:

Region I    Armuchee    (706) 295-6041

Region II    Gainesville    (770) 535-5700

Region III    Thomson    (706) 595-4222

Region IV    Fort Valley    (478) 825-6354

Region V    Albany        (229) 430-4254

Region VI    Fitzgerald    (229) 426-5267

Region VII    Brunswick    (912) 262-3173






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