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Once under water, repaired roads provide new access to reservoir

STOCKTON As water levels have receded at Webster Reservoir due to drought and continued irrigation releases in recent years, many places where anglers used to fish have dried up. This has reduced fishing opportunities from boats, and shoreline angling has become more difficult because the distance from the water to vehicle access has increased.

When water levels were low in the 1980s, an access road across the river channel in the dry lake bed was established, connecting County Road 7 from the south side of the lake to Highway 24 on the north side of the lake. This seasonal road was reopened in August when dry conditions enabled road repair after 10 years of submersion. This road provides convenient access for constituents at the busiest seasons of the year.

The old road leading north from Bow City Campground on the south side of the reservoir has also been repaired by removing dead timber, grading, and adding gravel. This seasonal road will provide excellent fishing access to the south reservoir shoreline.
Webster Wildlife Area provides opportunities for a wide variety of users with many different interests, but fluctuating water levels can make access difficult. Seasonal roads address this issue.

Seasonal roads are opened from March 1 through Sept. 30 to provide vehicle access for anglers and other warm-weather users. Fishermen, boaters, and campers all want easy access to the water, whether in the state park or the wildlife area. Seasonal roads are closed from October 1 to March 1 to help the area hold more wildlife and improve hunting opportunities. After temperatures cool, hunters dominate the area, seeking a more secluded experience to decoy waterfowl or hide beside a deer trail.

Department of Wildlife and Parks staff will evaluate vehicle access routes surrounding the reservoir continually as water levels go up and down. For more information, contact Michael Zajic or Mark Shaw at the Webster Area Office (785) 425-6775.




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