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For Immediate Release September 23, 2003

Brautigam Promoted to Regional Biologist in Sebago Region

AUGUSTA, Maine -- Francis Brautigam of New Gloucester, a Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Assistant Regional Fisheries Biologist in the Sebago Region for the past seven years, was named Regional Biologist for the Sebago Region earlier this month.

"Francis' technical skills coupled with his experience and positive attitude make him an asset to this department," said John Boland, Director of Fisheries Operations for the Department, "He understands the importance of working with public, and he is an advocate for the angling community."

As the Regional Fisheries Biologist, Brautigam must develop and implement fishery management plans for the region's fishery resources. Brautigam will also oversee the development and evaluation of fish stocking programs, development and evaluation of regulations, habitat evaluations, population monitoring programs and population enhancement programs

Brautigam fills the position formerly held by Boland. The position had been vacant since Boland left to become the Department's Director of Fisheries Operations

Brautigam graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife management. During his career at Orono, he had worked three summers for the Department as a fisheries conservation aide. After graduating, he worked for the university conducting a research project to assess the effects of a blackfly larvicide on fish and invertebrate populations in the Carrabassett River. After a stint with the North Carolina Wildlife Division, Brautigam came back to the Sebago region working as a conservation aide, and later, a fish culturist in the Department's New Gloucester Hatchery. Brautigam later took a position at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection as a fisheries biologist where he was for five years before coming back to IFW as the assistant Regional Fisheries Biologist position in the Sebago Lakes Region.

"His experience with the Department of Environmental Protection has been invaluable to our Department as he evaluates many development projects in this highly populated region," said Peter Bourque, Director of Fisheries Program Development for IFW

As one of two Assistant Biologists for the past 7 years, Brautigam helped identify and address regional data management needs, and was responsible for the acquisition of the new electrofishing boat. He also was instrumental in the area of made considerable contributions in the area of public outreach including the development of the popular Sebago Region Fisheries Newsletter.





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